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The Truth Exposed: An In-Depth Analysis of The Eggplant Emoji

Ben Hewitt and Daniel Olivieri

April 23, 2015

Filed under Humor

You may have seen it in text messages. You may have seen it on the snap chats. You may have seen it in your dreams. You may have gazed adoringly at it. You may have puked in your mouth. I am referring of course to the eggplant...

The Best Article on the Harriton Banner

Daniel Olivieri and Ben Hewitt

March 25, 2015

Filed under Humor

While the seniors at Harriton High School have elected their most superlative seniors, we at the Banner have realized that it’s time we gave a few lesser-known people the honor of superlatives. Prettiest eye: Cyclops ...

Well-Researched and Completely Sensible Opinions

March 16, 2015

Filed under Humor

There are a few things your doctors aren’t telling you. They aren’t telling you that the flu doesn’t actually exist, it was invented by Benedict Arnold after he became the Dictator for Life of the Underground Donald Duck...

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