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Harriton Hints — Week 8

Alana Koenig, Staff Writer

May 22

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If you have a free over a lunch set try buying your lunch at the end of A or B lunch. The lines will be shorter because it is the end of the lunch, but you will still have lots of time to eat.

David Letterman makes Kennedy Center list

September 13

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By Meredith Blake Los Angeles Times (MCT) LOS ANGELES—David Letterman lost out on “The Tonight Show” to Jay Leno 20 years ago, but as of Wednesday he can boast of at least one accomplishment his rival doesn’t...

First-Place Showings From Harriton TSA, Physics Olympics

February 14

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On Saturday, February 11th, the Harriton TSA and Physics Olympics teams both came away with first place in their respective competitions, an impressive showing from two of the school's premier science and technology-affiliated...

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