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Review of “Laughter on the 23rd Floor”

Melanie Metz, Arts and Entertainment Editor

February 24

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

I was extremely excited to go see “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” at the Walnut Street Theatre. Neil Simon is a famous playwright who has received multiple Tony awards and many of his plays are about personal experiences. “Laughte...

“Museum”: An Interview with Emily Sinrod

Melanie Metz, Arts & Entertainment Editor

November 17

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

HTC presents “Museum” this Thursday (November 16th), Friday and Saturday. The Banner interviewed Emily Sinrod to learn more about this exciting play. HB: What is your role in the show? ES: Assistant stage manager ...

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Review

Mia Leonard, Staff Writer

November 11

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

Rebecca Bunch should be living the dream. A big time lawyer living in New York City with a bright future ahead of her, instead she succumbs to anxiety and depression. When she’s offered a promotion, a meltdown ensues. She goes tak...

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