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Spotlight On: Mrs. Carter, Art Teacher

Ibby Maruca, Staff Writer

March 23

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Mrs. Carter is a teacher who is widely known and loved throughout Harriton High School; whether she is providing insight into one of the pieces you are working on, or having a chat with you about any subject under the sun, she...

Ram of the Week: Jon Diamond-Reivitch!

Emily Rush, Spotlight Editor

March 18

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Jon Diamond-Reivitch is the youngest of the three D-R brothers who attend Harriton. He is full of that iconic D-R charm, characterized by to-the-point-jokes that you can never be sure you really get, and a friendly nature. His ...

Meet the Mr. Harriton Partners!

Tess Laren, Spotlight Editor

February 25

Filed under Spotlight

Although Mr. Harriton highlights ten male students from our school, it is important to recognize those who work and support the contestant behind the scenes: the Mr. Harriton partners. Behind every man, there is a woman, and this...

Spotlight: think Magazine!

Sinduri Soundararajan, Spotlight Editor

December 19

Filed under Spotlight

This year, The Harriton Banner will be introducing its very own printed magazine, filled with intriguing and enjoyable articles and sections, which range from the history of the infamous Harriton ram statue, to DIY articles, and...

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