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The Reality of Harriton’s New Attendance Policy

Adjoa Mante

December 23, 2010

We’ve all been there. Power-walking, jogging, sometimes even running to get to school before that deadly 7:30 bell sounds. This year, there’s been a change that will make that last minute rush to school even more stressful. I’m...

Seniors Speak: The Top 10 Classes at Harriton

Jesi Kim

November 21, 2010

1. Philosophy-Mr. Schullin This one semester course gives students the opportunity to study philosophical questions and explore their application in modern life.  Contemporary readings and films are used to illustrate some...

Chronicles of an Aspiring Theatre Major

Kasie Patlove

November 21, 2010

Another month into the college process and things have begun to get crazy! I had begun the infamous “Common App” as soon as it was released in August so I wouldn’t fall behind. Now, most “normal” applicants have the...

Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Demaray

November 21, 2010

Q: What do you like or dislike about teaching at Harriton? A: I dislike living 30-45 minutes away. I also dislike the stinkbugs in my room and the lack of either air conditioning or heat.  I really like the kids and the fact...

Freshman Laptops: Worth the Jealousy?

Yidi Wu

November 21, 2010

This year the incoming freshmen at Harriton have received new laptops, the MacBook version 7.1 (in place of the old MacBook 6.1 that all Harriton students received in 2008), along with a blue laptop bag that is decidedly less...

New Club Spotlight: Harriton Public Health Society

Adjoa Mante

November 21, 2010

Haiti is currently experiencing an outbreak of cholera that has resulted in 280 deaths.  Although the spread of the disease has slowed, it still poses a large threat to the country and possibly the international community. Just...

Club Profile: TSA

Jessica Hermann, Staff Writer

October 8, 2010

Design, competition, and leadership.  These three words together sum up the Harriton Technology Student Association. Technology is pervasive in all aspects of today’s rapidly advancing world.  It is the fuel that drives a...

A New, More Open Council

Valerie Towolawi

October 8, 2010

A new school year means new clubs, new students, and new goals for student council.  Although we just moved into the new building last year, Student Council is now settled and used to all of the new facets of the facility. ...

Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Elder

Adam Laplant

October 8, 2010

Born in the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Elder came to the United States to attend Howard University. Mr. Elder is a teacher at Harriton High school who arrived last year to temporarily replace Mrs. Gauvin and teach...

An Elemental Addition: Harriton’s New Science Teachers

Yidi Wu, Staff Writer

October 8, 2010

The start of this school year has brought about a variety of changes, one in particular being the teachers at Harriton. In the science department, there are currently three new faces gracing our halls. Ms. Margaret Lesch and Mr....

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