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It’s Settled: Go Flyers

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Fun fact: I hate hockey.

It’s nothing personal against hockey; I just have never found it to be especially entertaining. I watch during the Olympics and when the Flyers are in the Stanley cup. Call me a fair-weather fan if you wish, but that’s not my point. After arguably the worst sports weekend that I have ever experienced, I’m looking for another team that will hopefully not break my heart. I’m not giving up on the Heartbreakers forever, but for the time being: Go Flyers.

Let’s start with the Eagles. I refuse to take joy in watching any Eagles games until Andy Reid either changes his coaching methods, or the Eagles change their hiring methods. The last few weeks for the Eagles have been nothing less than abysmal, and it’s hard to pinpoint the blame on one person. However, I stand by the fact that when a loss is everyone’s fault, it’s the coach’s fault.
From the slow developing run plays on 3rd and 1 to the QB draws out of the shotgun on the goal line, I have had quite enough of Reid’s play-calling. We have Michael Vick, the pioneer and master of the Play Action Boot Leg on the goal line, yet there is one play I have never seen the Eagles run. Do you know what that play is? The Play Action Boot Leg. When Vick was a Falcon, you could count on that play, and even when the defense was totally prepared for it, he would still beat them to the corner. Why don’t we run it? Who knows. It’s silly things like this that can kill a team.

Now let’s take a look at another Eagles’ issue: turnovers. Michael Vick has had some bad passes, that much can be said. However, not every interception is Michael Vick’s fault. The offensive line couldn’t keep Buffalo’s pass rush away from Vick, which leads to hurried throws which leads to interceptions.
Then there’s that famous offsides jump that blew the Bills game. Everyone and their mother knew that Ryan Fitzpatrick was not going to snap the ball, but apparently not Juqua Parker.

It’s all sloppy mistakes made by everybody. No single person can be to blame, except for the person who is in charge of all these people making stupid mistakes: Andy Reid.

Now we can talk about the Phillies. I’m less angry at the Phillies, but I still can’t believe what happened Friday night. Of course, I understand why it happened: baseball is an extremely random sport. Over the course of 162 games, the best team will win more games. In 5 games, luck plays a much bigger role.
The best pitcher in the league gave up a triple, followed by a double, and then completely shut down the Cardinals for the rest of the game.

Yet we still lost. Somehow, the best team in baseball could not get more than 3 hits in 9 innings. This happens all the time in the regular season. The Phillies have been swept by the Mets midseason, but no one cares because in the end the Phillies still clinch the division in early September.

In the end, I think what bothers me most was the result of this “Dream Team” mentality of both teams. The Eagles won the Off-season free agent championship and the Phillies acquired the arguably the best pitching staff ever.
Everything seemed to be in our favor, and so we got our hopes up. An entire year of assumed World Series trips ends, and now all we can do is sit and hope that the Eagles will bounce back or the Flyers will lift our hopes up.

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It’s Settled: Go Flyers