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America’s Foreign Policy Delusions

Corey Stubanas, Staff Writer

December 10

Filed under Opinion

  The goals of the United States are to maintain and spread the ideals stated in the Constitution: democracy, equality, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, life and liberty; the natural born rights that all people...

Israel Betrayed by Iran Deal

David Naftulin, Staff Writer

November 3

Filed under Opinion

The United States and Western Europe entered the negotiations with distinct goals. Going into the negotiations, the United States wanted to use the tough economic sanctions that were imposed against Iran as leverage to prevent Iran f...

On Feminism, Meninism, and Everything In Between

Ava Sophia Brown, Staff Writer

October 19

Filed under Opinion

The concept of feminism, nowadays, is fairly well understood. Although there can be some core misunderstandings, most people are familiar with the movement, the reasoning, and how it effects our culture as Americans. A less known...

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