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Harder in the Paint: On the “Internet”

Lexi Harder, Staff Writer

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Hello, my name is Lexi Harder. Like everyone who buys things, I am a consumer. Unlike everyone who buys things, I write about it. This column, hopefully, will provide readers with useful information they can use to make informed decisions about any future purchases they might be thinking about making. Today’s feature is:


As a teenager, I have tested this “Internet “ phenomenon extensively (read, over four solid years of research and counting) and have deemed it sometimes useful and completely, irrevocably addictive. Nowadays, I don’t have hobbies; I have youtube. I don’t have friends; I have facebook. Every night I stay up until my eyes start vibrating from overexposure to screens. While this could be viewed as being an empty life, one devoid of normal social interaction or life experience, I choose to view it as comfortably risk-free and a rewarding existence in its own way.

Rewarding in that, as opposed to just sitting still the way I would be if I were watching TV, I am exercising my fingers. No one said that web users have to be out of shape, right?

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Harder in the Paint: On the “Internet”