Yummy Versus The Box: A Billboard Feud

How Roddy Rich Outsmarted Justin Bieber


Last week, there was a lot of controversy about Justin Beiber’s single, Yummy and Roddy Rich’s song The Box

Currently, The Box is #1 on the Billboard Hot 100’s, while Yummy is just following behind. Due to the music industry’s competitive nature, Justin Bieber has resorted to unethical tactics to try and surpass The Box for the number one spot. 

To do so, Bieber posted a step-by-step tutorial on instagram on how his fans could help him climb the chart. First, he instructs that his followers should listen to Yummy at a low volume as they sleep. 

Reacting to Bieber’s instruction, Roddy Rich took a bold action: he told his fans to go stream Yummy. Now that is a strange way to outsmart your competition. We have seen sore losers, for sure: when Nikki Minaj lost to Travis Scott she responded by calling him an “Auto Tune Man.” Similarly, DJ Khalid called Egor by Tyler, The Creator strange why he got number one. But this Richh-Bieber feud has never happened; where one star ironically promotes the other.

Roddy Rich is here for a good time and a long time. He is playing the long game and this is just his first move in his upcoming career. After out-ranking one of the best pop stars in the world, the outcome of this conflict will only create more success for Roddy Rich. 

Justin Bieber, on the other hand, is now supposed to be a “changed man.” His ego was centralized on his number-one status while the artist who is fresh in the music industry is staying detached from his success to the point where he can promote his competition. The sweetest revenge is success, and Richh has proven that smiling in your competition’s face is the cherry on top.