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Piper’s Perfect Pipes

Julia Carp, Spotlight Editor

November 18, 2011

As you walk past the open auditorium doors after school hours, you see the vibrant colors of the island set. You smell the freshly painted backdrop and hear the melodic sounds of Harriton Theater Company’s production of Once...

Skating to America

Julia Carp, Spotlight Editor

October 17, 2011

Imagine leaving your lifelong friends as you pack up all your belongings, staring at the emptiness you once called home. You hop on a plane and anticipate a long flight – and a mysterious adventure living in a foreign country....

A Perfect Vision

Julia Carp, Spotlight Editor

March 16, 2011

Dating back to the time of elementary school, I had always been the frustrated student in art class due to my lack of artistic abilities.  I would always admire, and would sometimes be jealous of, those who actually could draw...

Harriton’s Ultimate Idea

Julia Carp, Spotlight Editor

November 16, 2010

As you zip up your sweatshirt, the brisk wind forces the hair out of your eyes.  The smell of freshly cut grass in the crisp air overwhelms your nostrils.  Strolling through the quad, you see students, just a few years older...

Ramadan with the Ansars

Julia Carp, Spotlight Editor

September 29, 2010

It’s 4:30 on a muggy August morning. The sun will begin to rise in about an hour. Your parents are fast asleep and it is so silent you could hear a pin drop. What are you doing? You may be having stress-related dreams about...

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