A New, More Open Council

Valerie Towolawi

A new school year means new clubs, new students, and new goals for student council.  Although we just moved into the new building last year, Student Council is now settled and used to all of the new facets of the facility.  The Student Council is ready to get things going, and it is aiming to accomplish more this year than it did last year.  Student Council has even already started shaking things up with Music Fridays; last year it stopped after just a few weeks, but Council hopes to make it a regular event this year.  Every Friday, members of the council and an administrator will pick different hit songs to play through the loud speaker during the period transitions as a way to relieve stress between each class and before the weekend.

The Student Council has about 65 members, but it’s not too late to join.  Beware there is a deadline.  Applications are available on September 24, but not just anyone can join. There will be interviews for new applicants during the week of October 4.  September 24 is the last chance to apply; no applicants will be accepted in the middle of the school year, so sign up now!

One of the other main goals is a possible expansion to the technology zone, but a goal we all can help achieve is to increase the communication between the students and the administration, to “break down barriers that have existed between them in the past.” These are the words of Dan Carp, our Student Council President.  “This communication can be best achieved by simply taking the time to approach us and getting to know one of your administrators.”  He hopes that the student body will see the administrators as more approachable, and he guarantees that if you take the time to talk to a teacher at lunch you won’t get turned down.  “I can already see these relationship improving” he says, “and that is truly exciting.”

The student council is also open to any ideas from the student body, even if you’re not a member of the council.  It’s your school, so new all ideas are encouraged to make school more exhilarating.  Suggestions can be made to any student council member, or by sending an email to their suggestion box at [email protected].  Remember it’s your school, and every suggestion is encouraged.  Student council updates will be posted on The Harriton Banner (www.hhsbanner.com), and they will also be sent to the students via email through the Guidance Department.