An Elemental Addition: Harriton’s New Science Teachers

Yidi Wu, Staff Writer

The start of this school year has brought about a variety of changes, one in particular being the teachers at Harriton. In the science department, there are currently three new faces gracing our halls. Ms. Margaret Lesch and Mr. Nyanthen Bantoe are new additions to the chemistry department, and Mr. Michael Tudor is now a teacher in the biology department.

Ms. Lesch teaches Honors and College Prep Chemistry courses this year. She can be found in Room 221. Before coming to Harriton this year, she graduated from Cornell University in 2008, and she taught at a high school in Ithaca, New York. Ms. Lesch enjoys the classes she teaches, and she finds the physical classrooms themselves to be immensely satisfactory as well. Mr. Bantoe was born in Liberia, and he moved here when he was fourteen. He graduated from Drexel and fondly recalls playing college soccer there. He presently teaches College Prep Chemistry in Rooms 219, 220, and 318. Before coming to Harriton, he taught at Interboro High School for 7 years. Mr. Bantoe found the general environment at Harriton to be great so far, and the staff to be “extremely helpful and welcoming, especially the Science Department.” His students “seem very enthusiastic about having him as a teacher,” and we congratulate his good luck.

Mr. Tudor teaches both College Prep and Honors Biology. He is located in Room 118. Before coming to Harriton, he taught chemistry at the Charter High School for Architecture and Design (CHAD) for five years. He also loves the Harriton environment, finding “[his] classes fun, [his] students enjoyable to get to know…[and] teaching the best job in the world.”

On that note, these three teachers are appreciated elements of the Harriton staff, and we hope to get to know them better.