Club Profile: TSA

Jessica Hermann, Staff Writer

Design, competition, and leadership.  These three words together sum up the Harriton Technology Student Association. Technology is pervasive in all aspects of today’s rapidly advancing world.  It is the fuel that drives almost everything, even your bus ride to school in the morning. The science of technology yields life-improving devices, such as prosthetic limbs to replace injured or diseased ones and surgeries to repair damaged eyesight. It is the driving force behind the capacity to communicate with audiences of millions at just the click of a button.  Members of Harriton TSA learn how to harness and to utilize technology in unique and innovate ways in order to better navigate and flourish in the modern world, to become successful leaders at regional, state, national, and global levels.  They learn to shape the future in beneficial ways, while creating memorable life experiences and having an overall great time.

Throughout the year, Harriton TSA members participate in numerous competitive events.  With over 30 events to choose from, ranging from video game creation and website programming to digital photography, music production, and architectural design, students are able to engage in individual and team competitions that specifically match their interests.  They compete at regional, state, and national conferences, which occur in succession every few months, beginning in February.

In the past, Harriton TSA has won numerous regional and state awards, as well as a second place national title.  In addition, three Harriton members currently serve as officers on the Pennsylvania TSA state delegation.

Although TSA is a serious club that requires diligent work and commitment, its members have a good time.  Its meetings offer a chance to collaborate on team events and to receive assistance from advisors, while also providing a relaxed work environment that allows members to complete their events alongside friends and other students interested in technology.  With over 150,000 members internationally, TSA also provides great opportunities to meet and to learn from other people.  The competitions are always a blast, and the memories created through the club are irreplaceable.

If you are interested in joining Harriton TSA, you are invited to attend the informational meeting that will take place after school on Wednesday, September 29, in room 222.  All students are welcome!  For more information, visit