Seniors Speak: The Top 10 Classes at Harriton

Jesi Kim

1. Philosophy-Mr. Schullin

This one semester course gives students the opportunity to study philosophical questions and explore their application in modern life.  Contemporary readings and films are used to illustrate some issues in the modern world such as theory of knowledge and moral philosophy.  This class was described as “relaxing and fun”.  Also, Mr. Scullin’s passion toward philosophy and his sense of humor made the class even more enjoyable.

2. Art classes

There are a myriad of art classes that are offered at Harriton.  Ranging from Film-photography to ceramics, Harriton has it all.  In the film-photography class, students get a chance to learn how to use a 35mm camera and manipulate photographs using Adobe Photoshop.  Also, Harriton offers an art course for every level.  Whether you are just starting out or have been taking an art class for years, there is always an art course for you.

3. AP Physics Mechanics-Mr. Elder

Last year was that first time that this class was offered as a first year physics course.  Although the curriculum was challenging ranging from topics such as Newton’s laws to angular momentum, Mr. Elder always found a fun way to teach the class.  His funny expressions and his artwork kept the students interested in the subject.

4. IB English-Ms. Occhiogrosso

Although this IB class is designed to prepare students for the IB test at the end of the year, sitting in Ms. Occhiogrosso’s class this would not be evident.  Her cheerful personality and love for English radiates through the halls of Harriton.  This class involves a lot of annotating and analyzing the author’s purpose in writing a particular piece.

5. US History-Mr. Scullin

This class has a prerequisite of at least a “B” in Western Civilization Honors or at least a “B” in Western Civilization CP with a written recommendation letter.  This course takes you through American History from 1877 through the twentieth century.  After going through this class, you will have a new sense of pride for America

6. IB Psychology-Mr. Young

Whether you are in IB or not, you can get the opportunity to take IB psychology as an elective.  Students are exposed to the study of the behavior of organisms.  Also, Mr. Young’s inviting personality make the class even more enjoyable

7. AP U.S. History-Mr. Scullin

Before taking this class, students must have received either an “A” or a “B” in Western Civilization Honors and a recommendation from a member of the Social Studies department.  This rigorous course, filled with analysis of primary documents and critical evaluation of various forms of historical evidence, is arguably one of the most challenging courses offered at Harriton.

8. Landscape Architecture and Horticulture-Mr. Ferraro

If you enjoy being outside with the trees, this is the class for you.  Ranging from tree identification to designing a layout of the school, Mr. Ferraro does it all. Also, when it gets too cold to work outside, students get an opportunity to work in the greenhouse.

9. IB Chemistry-Mr. Gauvin

Mr. Gauvin’s IB chemistry class goes beyond the requirements for the IB test.  By the end of the year, not only are you ready for the IB exam, but also you are ready for much more.  The knowledge learned in Mr. Gauvin’s IB Chemistry class will be beneficial all throughout college and the rest of your life.

10. AP Spanish- Sra. Celebre

Although this class is preparing for an AP test, Señora Celebre makes it feel as though you are simply learning the language.  This class involves studying famous works of literature in Spanish and then discussing them in class.  By the end of the year you may feel unprepared, but you are actually very prepared for the AP test.