Club Spotlight: Asian Cultures Club

Gregory Kurtzman, Features Editor

Spearheaded by Andrew Li and Jesi Kim, the Asian Cultures Club is in its second year of existence.  Its main purpose is to celebrate and promote the culture of Asian countries.  Under the supervision of Mrs. Ushioda, the club watches Asian films and clips, plays Asian games, and eats Asian food.  In the past the club has watched Totoro and Miyazaki films, as well as YouTube videos of Korean pop music or Asian dancers.  Additionally, at some of the meetings introductory lessons to various Asian languages, such as Korean, Japanese, and Filipino are given.  The club’s secretary, Jackie Sayoc, taught the club basic greetings and numbers in Filipino.  Also, the club has played games such as Korean Jax and Taboo (technically not Asian).  The club has banquets twice a year, each time with a different theme (Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, etc.).  Once the theme is established and a date is set, everyone prepares a dish and gets together for a feast after school in the cafeteria.  While one might be tempted to assume that the club is exclusively Asian, that is not true.  The Asian Cultures Club contains people of all races, including 2 non-Asian officers (Greg Kurtzman, Vice President and Adam Laplant, Treasurer).  The Asian Cultures Club meets about once every two weeks on different days in Mrs. Lafleur’s Japanese classroom, and there is always a different Asian snack to be enjoyed.  New members are welcome at any time!