Art Monthly: Madelaine Pisani

Marta Eliot

Madelaine Pisani, a senior taking IB Visual Arts, appreciates nature, the figure, and the plight of human emotion.

She is most inspired by the shifts and alterations in body language that define interactions between people she sees in everyday life. Her work attempts to incorporate these factors and give an additional dimension of meaning to her painting.

Recently, Maddie has focused on the human figure in her art. This past summer she studied the figure and the techniques behind recreating it and the specific shading of different elements of the human body.

“I am most proud of my most recent piece, Naked Lady With a Flag,” Maddie told me, “because it has the most meaning of any piece that I’ve done.”

When I showed it to Mrs. Anderson, she was really proud. I really strive on the approval of others; it reminds me that making art is more than just skill. Also, compliments motivate me to keep making art because they make me feel good about the effort I put in.”

Maddie’s piece is her first experiment with realism. The theme is on the view of women in society, especially in America.

For her next project, she wants to make the male counterpart and explore along the same vein how men are viewed and stereotyped. She has not yet decided on a method, but she looks to her mentor artists for inspiration.

“Normal Rockwell is my favorite artist. I love the way he accepts how society views each other, but he understands that reality is not always a good thing. His portrayals are playful and the message appears sweet, but he also manages to keep the intent serious.”
Maddie loves Rockwell’s use of the color red.

“I can’t explain why I’m drawn to it, but in the skin tones it shows the person’s feelings. If he is portraying a happy person, or implying that something exciting is happening in the image, he makes the cheeks rosy. Rockwell actually created the image of the ‘jolly’ Santa Clause with rosy cheeks and the round belly. He has been so influential to the progress of the art world; he truly is an artistic genius.”

Norman Rockwell’s style is known for not fully blending colors. This gives a haphazard look while maintaining purpose in his technique.

Maddie has attempted to imitate Rockwell’s brushstrokes in the past, and in turn has created her own media style.

Maddie’s favorite medium is currently oil paint, “because there are so many different textures, and if you make a mistake it is more easily fixed than acrylic.”

Maddie will continue to make art with the same theme for her IB art class. She will complete this class in May with a presentation on the common purpose that related all her pieces.