The New Lower Merion High School

Allison Langer, Staff Writer

In June of 2004, the School Board authorized a contract with DWKCB Architects, Inc. for the design of the new high school facilities. Six years later, Lower Merion students walked through the doors of their brand new building. Us Harriton students had similar feelings last year as we took our first steps into the shiny and newly-painted lobby. How do students at Lower Merion feel about their new school compared to the old Lower Merion? We asked students to share their thoughts on this huge and fortunate change.

Although it is very exciting to see the new facilities, aimilar rules that were newly and strongly enforced last year at Harriton are now being implemented at Lower Merion High School. These rules, such as not eating in classrooms, not hanging anything on the walls because of fresh paint, and not leaving campus, will take some getting used to for most students but are understood to be necessary in keeping LMHS in great shape and a safe place for many years to come.

What the students expressed that they missed about the old school was their familiarity that they felt in the old Lower Merion. Not just familiarity with knowing one’s way around the school, but rather the hominess most students felt at there. However, that does not go to say that seniors were happy about having to ask lower classmen for directions on the first day of school this year. The seniors, especially, shared many memories in the old school and will be particularly sad to see it be knocked down. All would agree though, that the state of the art facilities and the myriad of technologies offered at the new school are improved, more capable, and are all around “better”.

Students rave that some highlights in the new school include the cafeteria and the library with its wall length windows. Also, Lower Merion students feel fortunate to have the pool on their campus and feel it is something that sets it apart from Harriton High School now that the two are so similar. However they were of course excited to be sharing it with Harriton’s swimming team when the winter rolls around.

It will be interesting to see how the students at Lower Merion High School continue to adjust to their new school, facilities, rules, and technologies. We hope their transition goes as smoothly and is as successful as Harriton’s was.