More Screens at Harriton

Allison Schwartz , The Beat Editor

After arriving back from a much-too-short winter break, Harriton students were surprised to see two television screens mounted in the cafeteria, and spots for three more in the JSL. Though no one has seen either already-installed screen turned on yet, Doug Young (Director of School and Community Relations) has said that they are intended to be used for anything from announcements and weather-related cancellations to lunch menus and promotions for upcoming events and sports games. Technology will soon be available that will allow the cafeteria staff to update the TVs in the cafeteria and the athletics and activities offices to monitor those in the JSL. Lower Merion High School received these new televisions in their school as well.

Already known by nearby schools for infamously giving each high-schooler his or her own individual laptop, it seems that Lower Merion schools are always up to date on the newest technology. This year alone the freshman received MacBook Airs while kindergarten classes have begun utilizing iPads in their daily activities. The middle schools and elementary schools all have access to in-classroom laptops as well.

Since no purpose for the televisions has been formally announced yet, many of the students are confused as the why they were installed. Simone Seletsky, a junior, comments, “It makes me feel weird, like the school is too nice. Why do we need TVs? Couldn’t the money have been used for something better and more beneficial?” Alana Koenig, also a junior, agreed. “The TVs are cool but no one knows why they are there. I think LMSD should fix the heating in the school before they start spending money on unnecessary televisions.”

Students generally warmed up to the implementation of new technology in the past, and most likely will end up appreciating the televisions as well, despite this initial confusion. Soon, looking up and seeing the screens at lunch might just be part of a regular day at Harriton.