A Café Night at Harriton

Allison Schwartz, The Beat Editor

As IB students, Sarah Weiser, Shari Lieblich, Carly Scher, and Jordan Rosenthal-Kay were looking for a unique way to fulfill the program’s required CAS hours. Each of these students loves art, and wanted to somehow incorporate an art show into their service project.

Carly’s dad informed the group about Fresh Artists, a charity that works to provide art supplies to Philadelphia schools that might not be able to afford them otherwise, and they quickly realized that it would be a great cause to donate profits to. They decided to host a “Café Night” at Harriton, complete with art, food, and live music.

The event was extremely successful. Harriton students’ artwork was displayed around the lobby, allowing attendees to stroll around, admiring many sculptures, paintings, and photographs. A few of the works were even for sale!

Dan Rapuano, Tori Mueller, and Joey Jaspers also took turns serenading the guests with various acoustic renditions. Most notably was a ukulele cover of Spongebob’s notorious song, “Ripped My Pants”, sung by Dan and Tori.

Overall, Harriton Café Night was a fun and relaxed way for these IB students to fulfill CAS requirements, bring the Harriton community together, and raise money for a deserving cause. The event itself raised over $250 for Fresh Artists, and a bake sale was held throughout the rest of the week to increase the donation even more.