Put Some Pep in Your Step

Put Some Pep in Your Step

Some of you may have already noticed the posters covering the walls around the school, or the alternating slideshow and student council video on the T.V.s indicating that this week is spirit week. From Monday, September 30 to Friday, October 4 will be the first spirit week of the 2013-2014 school year, leading up to the Harriton home football game against Lower Merion on Friday night. As usual, each day of that week has a different theme. Here is a list of the spirit week themes and other great things to watch out for throughout the week.

Monday: Pajama Day. The first day of the week is pretty straightforward, but also one of the most fun. Continue your relaxing and restful weekend on Monday by not changing out of your pajamas, as long as they are school appropriate of course.

Tuesday: USA Day. It’s never been so easy to display your overflowing school spirit and patriotism at the same time. Wear your most obnoxiously patriotic clothing. White shirt, blue pants, and red shoes? Use an American flag as a cape? Facepaint? I’ll let you decide.

Way Back (Wacky) Wednesday. It is important to live in the moment, but you don’t always need to dress that way. Dress the way people did during your favorite time in history. Way Back Wednesday is essentially a broader version of Decades. If you want to throw on a leather jacket or tie-dye shirt, by all means go ahead, but don’t be afraid to take it WAY BACK. Bring in that authentic Civil War uniform or Pilgrim hat. We only ask that you stick to a point in history during which people actually did wear clothes. Seniors are told to wear togas to show their school spirit.

Thursday: Twin Day. Are you an only child, or are you sick of the siblings you do have? Well you are in luck, because on Thursday, October 3rd, you can pick a new sibling, a twin to be exact, and dress the same as them. These twin outfits can be anything, from a white shirt with each other’s names on them, or matching tuxedos.

Friday: Red & White. This is it Harriton. The day of the big game. The last day of spirit week. Go ALL OUT. Friday is the day for face paint, all red or all white, any Harriton attire you can find. Bring your spirited attire to the game that night to cheer our football team to victory.

Tailgate: Leading up to the game on Friday night at 5:30, Harriton is having an all school tailgate on the grass field next to the turf. There will be music, games, and lots of food. In fact, 1,000 HOTDOGS have been ordered for everyone. How many can you eat? Show up to find out.

This week will exemplify our Harriton spirit and how we can all come together as a school and a community to cheer on our hard working football team. In case that is not enough incentive, we will be handing out free chocolate (“RAM bars”) all week to people that are dressed up for spirit week. So at the very least, do it for the chocolate.