Traveling through Time with Mr. Harriton

This past Friday, the 28th of February, Harriton’s very own Student Council took our community on a travel through time, host the acclaimed Mr. Harriton competition. This is the seventh successful year that Mr. Harriton has dominated the student life calendar, tallying a total of 900 community members in attendance, while simultaneously raising $17, 377 dollars going directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation, the Mr. Marrone Scholarship Fund, and the Cookie Grant. The contestants, Christopher Lasprogata (Senior), Quincy Wolfson (Junior), Evan Rosen (Senior), Jason Hermann (Senior),  Marcel Werder (Junior), Ethan Wolfe (Senior), David Bernstein (Senior), Justin Littman (Senior), and Ben Appel (Junior). along with their escorts, Abri Bernstein (Senior), Jessica Gersh (Senior), Nikki Silfen (Senior), Nikki Bianco (Senior), Kieun Song (Senior), Ilene Parker (Senior), Sydney Handel (Junior), Nicole Cooper (Junior), and Izzy Haslam (Junior), had prepared for weeks in advance prior to the show.

In addition to the contestants and their partners, almost every aspect of student council devoted all of their energy into making sure the 2014 Mr. Harriton competition fit its exceedingly high expectations. Emma Seymour (Senior), a member of student council and one of the students in charge of make-up for this event, said, “Everyone in student council gets so involved. Mr.Harriton not only brings the community closer together, but also the student council members.”

Directly following the stress-filled auditions, each contestant and escort went through intensive training involving song, dance, and various unparalleled talents that raised the bar even higher for the future 2015 Mr. Harriton competition. This year’s opening number impressed all and showed off all of the hard work that choreographers, Reyna Fox (Senior), Catherine Valentine (Senior), Taylor Pearl (Junior), and Megan Boni (Junior), put into this show. Each contestant had an impressively unique talent. Some memorable acts included Jason Herrmann playing his electric violin to popular music, Quincy Wolfson shining on the piano while blindfolded, and Chris Lasprogata showing off his art talent in a futuristic neon light display. The funniest talent definitely went to David Bernstein, whose stand-up comedy had everyone rolling in his or her seats. Although, Justin Littman’s attire and performance of poker face had everyone smiling as well. For their talents, Evan Rosen and Ethan Wolfe both delighted the audience by rapping and playing the euphonium and trumpet, respectively. Both Ben Appel and Marcel Werder shined on stage with different musical performances; Ben Appel hitting a lighter note on the piano while Marcel Werder showed off his dance moves.

Additionally, words cannot express how much motivation and energy Lindsey Barrison extolled into Mr. Harriton; she has adequately proven that she has left big shoes to fill for next year’s Vice President. As Vice President and leader of the events committee of student council, she overtook the Mr. Harriton scene by guiding its way to perfection from beginning to end.

In addition, Mr. Harriton would not have been made possible without the generous help from the club’s advisor and sponsor, Mr. Robinson. He took time out of his hectic schedule to watch over every practice, whether in the morning, evening, or night. The list of individuals who contributed to making Mr. Harriton as unforgettable as it was is never-ending, but make sure to congratulate the contestants, escorts, and every member of student council on their hard work and a job well done.

From time travel back into the Roman Times to a look forward towards the future, this year’s Mr. Harriton provided surprises no audience member or judge ever thought to expect. Every audience member was thrilled at the conclusion of the show. Kayley O’Connor (Sophomore) praised the show by saying “Mr.Harriton is always so much fun!” The unparalleled talent, experienced dance moves, and radiant confidence propelled by every contestant and escort made the night unforgettable. While no article could sufficiently describe the emphasis Harriton places on Mr. Harriton, this year’s event unquestionably put the night on an even higher totem pole, upping the anty for all future Mr. Harriton events to come.

Thank you to Sarah Forer and Jenny Langer, our photo editors, for taking the amazing photos in this slideshow!