Meet Sergeant-at-Arms candidate, Ben Barnett

Meet Sergeant-at-Arms candidate, Ben Barnett

In kicking off our series of articles in memory of the Fourth Estate’s contributions to the creation of modern democracy, we interviewed Benjamin Barnett, a sophomore, who is running for Harriton Sergeant-at-arms. In one of the most contested primaries this year, he moved up, along with his opponent, Ricky Sayer, to the general elections.

Barnett is captain of Harriton’s JV basketball team. On Friday, he sat down with the Banner in Mr. Robinson’s room for a short word about his ideas for Harriton.

What ideas do you have for next year?

“I’m trying to bring an s-number to the Breakfast table, so you can plug in your account to pay for your meals at the Breakfast table.

“I’m also trying to get a default RAM, so that at the beginning of the week, you can choose your default RAM, and you’ll never have to be late for a RAM again, it will just sign you up for your default RAM.

“And also, my use for the JSL, maybe couches, and as an idea to make that happen, maybe, we all give one dollar to [a] Save the Couches Foundation, and we can buy our couches with the student’s money, and the students [will] feel better about the couches, and not destroy them.”

How are you going to make this happen?

“Right now, I’m trying to meet with Mr. Eveslage, but I feel like these ideas are within reach and not very extravagant and hence, very attainable.” When queried about the making his s-Number plan a reality, he said that he would work with the Treasurer, Administration, and the Cafeteria staff to make this happen.

What kind of limitations would you have on the s-Number plan?

When asked about the implications of using school funds for buying products which might not follow nutritional guidelines, Ben said that “Due to plugging your s-Number in [being school money], it would have to be during school hours.” When asked how he will get his plan to happen, he said “I was thinking of a cash register and an s-Number … [with] the money going to a bank account for that week’s club and the club would just pull out the money at the end of the week.”

What makes you qualified for this position?

“I am a leader. I’ve been a leader for basketball teams, baseball teams; I’ve been captain; I’m also a mentor for the freshman mentor program: I got classroom mentor the first year I applied, and I feel that I would be a great leader for this office.

“I’ve been in Student Council, I did Student Council last year, I’ve been shadowing Pranav, I’ve also been in Student Council 8th Grade and 7th Grade, … and I’ve got various leadership positions in my résumé, I feel very connected with the school already and I want to become more connected this next year and so on.”

What does Sergeant-at-arms do?

“The Sergeant-at-arms? He does the internal planning, heads all the Music Fridays, they count all the votes in the meetings.”

Getting people to do Music Friday is an issue for Council. What can you do to improve that?

“Maybe you could get people to give Top 3 Prizes, maybe the Student Council body could offer some prizes.”

Why should students vote for you?

“Students should vote for me because my ideas are within reach. With the help of the Committees, I can get things done, I can make it happen.

“I know what it takes. I want the best for the school and I believe that I can get there with the help of everyone around me. My ideas will happen, and I guarantee it.”


This article reflects changes in spelling and grammar in the article originally published on April 7.