Trending Now: Prom

Trending Now: Prom

Olivia Conrad, Staff Writer

As prom season approaches, girls scatter for dresses in fear of not finding the perfect one.

Tons of online shopping carts are filled, yet we still can’t find the perfect dress. If you want to skip the stress of KOP, read on!

Hello Molly has the most unique bohemian style dresses. Every week they have 100 new arrivals of various different dress styles and colors ranging from short, maxi, midi etc. And, for an extra bonus, students get a 10% off discount!

It ships pretty fast, usually ranging from between 4-9 business days. The product is great quality and fits perfectly to size. Hello Molly is definitely an online website I would recommend for buying a prom dress.

Princess Polly is also a great website to order from. It varies in dress styles from bodycon, strapless and fit and flair. Currently, Princess Polly just released brand new dresses that are perfect for spring. They offer very vibrant colors like flamenco pink and neon orange.

The quality of the product is high and really highlights your body’s edges. Princess Polly ships very efficiently, arriving between 5-6 business days, and at checkout you can get a 15% off student discount.  

Both of these websites are – in my opinion – the best online, inexpensive shops to find a prom dress. I rate both of these websites 5 stars!