Cappies Reviews: Interboro’s Check Please II



The Cappies is “a writing and awards program that trains high school theatre and journalism students to be expert writers, critical thinkers, and leaders.” The following is a review by Harriton senior and Lead Critic, Aiden Kaliner, on Interboro High School‘s production Check Please. 


“Check Please” at Interboro High School marked a triumphant, comedic return of live theater, filled with awkward first dates!

A short comedy infused with zany and quirky characters, “Check Please” revolves around two characters and their terribly unsuccessful attempts at blind dates. Following a series of failures, they coincidentally bump into each other, but just as soon as they get together, the two split. In “Check Please: Take 2”, the two singles try blind dating once again, but to no avail. As if history is repeating itself, “Check Please: Take 2” ends the exact same way as the first: the couple bumping into each other once again.

Overall, Interboro’s cast and crew superbly captured the comedic moments of this eccentric play. The audience was in stitches throughout the show while the actors and crew, specifically lights and sound, used comedic timing effectively. The actors also successfully portrayed multiple characters who were distinct, interesting, and comical all at the same time.

Leading the cast, Travis Oliva (Guy) and Kaylee Rogers (Girl) enraptured the audience with each date they encountered. Though each was on stage the majority of the show, both Oliva and Rogers endured the feat with admirable commitment. Their awkward chemistry undeniably contributed to their amusing performances. Notably, Oliva’s grasp on comedy was astounding, providing the contrast needed from the wacky characters. Rogers’ reserved portrayal of Girl was sweet, endearing, and even assertive when called for.

Standouts amongst the supporting and featured cast were Colin McGovern, Aidan Dougherty, and Imani Daniel. McGovern’s portrayals of Brandon, the method actor, and Lyle, the man who speaks many languages, were especially humorous. Just as Dougherty smoothly opened the door to enter as Dewey, the audience burst into laughter; his physicality and vocal intonations when shouting “extreme” were highlights of the night. Lastly, Daniel brought the house to roaring applause with her impressive commitment to her character–and Oliva’s foot.

Technically, the Interboro Theater Tech Crew masterfully used lighting and sounds to add comedic elements to the production. The timing of cutting music abruptly and utilizing swift blackouts was nearly perfect. Additionally, the Interboro Theater Costume Crew, even with many role changes, distinctly pulled together outfits to add to the characters’ personalities.

Interboro High School’s production of “Check Please” certainly left the audience wishing to order more!