Cappies Reviews: Interboro’s Check Please


Nel Blinman, Guest Writer

The Cappies is “a writing and awards program that trains high school theatre and journalism students to be expert writers, critical thinkers, and leaders.” The following is a review by Harriton senior, Nel Blinman, on Interboro High School‘s production Check Please. 

A mime, a psychic, and a pirate – no, it’s not a circus. It’s speed-dating, live on stage! Interboro High School’s performance of “Check Please” and “Check Please: Take 2” was a hilarious festival of comedy and shock.

“Check Please” and “Check Please: Take 2” are two one-act plays consisting of a series of vignettes, featuring Guy and Girl, two hopeless young romantics searching for love. While they do not exactly find their soulmates, they do meet a cast of quirky characters, including an old woman, a fraudulent linguist, and an undercover method-actor.

Interboro High School took these two light-hearted comedies in full-stride, and put forward a side-splitting show. Even with very simple scenery, they managed to create dynamic environments and fill the space with life and character. The audience was rolling with laughter by the end thanks to Interboro’s wealth of talent.

Though a majority of the cast appeared as a variety of different characters, two stayed the same: Travis Oliva as Guy and Kaylee Rogers as Girl. Oliva was charming, sweet, and charismatic as the unsuspecting Guy – even as he cycled through some of the strangest dates imaginable, he managed to maintain strong chemistry with every single one. Rogers was equally powerful as Girl, with great comedic timing and a somewhat sarcastic innocence. Together, they managed to be lively and dynamic even though neither ever left the stage.

Colin McGovern was a notable player. He portrayed many quirky characters, like Paul, the man with two wives (searching for a third). Every single time he sat across from Girl, he completely transformed into his brand-new role and filled the room with laughter. Another highlight was Aidan Dougherty, who played the Extreme Dewey and the phobic Manny, among others. His ability to perform such a diverse set of comedic roles to such a high level was incredibly impressive. Speaking of commitment, Imani Daniels as Cleo managed to perform as a foot-reading psychic – sniffing and licking included – with a completely straight face, as the audience dissolved into guffaws.

The set was beautifully designed, complete with Interboro Buccaneers wall-art, simple but practical, and easily transformed to multiple different settings. The lighting was perfect for a romantic dinner setting, and the costumes team did an amazing job creating many distinct costumes for each character. Even with a fully masked cast, the sound was flawless. Stage manager Sarah Schreiber deserves recognition for her flawless management of a show full of complex costume and prop exchanges.

Interboro High School’s production of “Check Please” and “Check Please: Take 2” was a hilarious compilation of talent and passion.