An Interview with HSCC’s President: Jack Lesser


Sasha Beck, Harriton News Editor


This past week, I had the opportunity to interview Jack Lesser, the president and founder of our school’s newest addition: Harriton Sports Coverage Club (HSCC). Jack shared his inspiration to assemble the club and included what he sees for the future.


What sparked your inspiration to form Harriton Sports Coverage Club?


It started from my true passion for sports and my interest in growing my future career in sports broadcasting. I wanted to bring people together that share a common interest in the topic.


How has your officer team helped you with the club?


My officer team has been nothing short of amazing. Sam Littman, Matthew Moskow, Blake Newman, and Wyatt Weiner have all helped me transform the club into the successful and popular powerhouse that it is today. They help me brainstorm possible ideas for upcoming meetings, improve the organizational flow of the club, and add to the overall quality of our members’ experiences. I’m grateful and appreciative for everything they have done, and I am glad they are here by my side.


What has been the most challenging part of the club so far? What has been your favorite part?


The most challenging part has been running the fundraiser, which was hard to pick the charity and has been difficult to get people involved. By facing this adversity, I have learned how to utilize our social media site. The best part of the club is conversing with my peers on a bi-monthly basis about sports, and getting to hear other perspectives.


Can you talk about your most recent fundraiser? Where does the money go? What is the prize?


The fundraiser raises money to donate shoes to the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia, and the money goes into a lottery where the prize is ninety minutes of field time at Steelyard Sports indoor turf facility. I chose this fundraiser after identifying issues in the community and realizing many kids are without proper footwear. This issue needed to be addressed.


How do you prepare for meetings and figure out what to discuss?


I accumulate sports-based current events I see on social media and multiple news websites, as well as tracking sports teams on the T.V. For the meetings, we make sure to know who is attending and prepare presentations to share. 


What are other features of HSCC besides debating sports?


The club has an active Instagram, @harritonsportscoverage, where we post interviews, predictions, and sports-related current events. I conduct interviews with sports broadcasters around the country, and I have been lucky enough to interview Guy Haberman and Kenny Albert. I have also interviewed several Harriton sports coaches and players. Another aspect of our social media site is weekly “Locks and Letdowns”, where Sam Littman predicts one NFL team that is guaranteed to win that week, and one team guaranteed to lose. 


How do you see this club going in the future?


I will hopefully continue gaining more people and interest for HSCC through social media, club events, and additional fundraisers. I also hope that other students can be inspired by the club and bring it to their schools.


After learning more about Harriton’s newest club, I am impressed with Jack and the rest of his officer team with how they pulled together such an active community of sports-obsessed students. This year is only the pilot, but I cannot wait to see where HSCC goes in the coming years.