Dr. Harriton 2022: Philippe Latour and Lucas Glozman


Jenna Ledley, Features Editor


Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Dr. Harriton has always been a night where the entire school community comes together to laugh, enjoy a spectacular display of talent, and have fun. This year’s Dr. Harriton is coming up on February 25th, and is sure to be a night to remember!


I interviewed two of Dr. Harriton’s contestants: Philippe Latour (‘23) and Lucas Glozman (‘22), to learn more about them and the upcoming show.


The Harriton Banner: What was your first experience with Dr. Harriton? (ie. going to the show when you were a freshman, having an older sibling go through the experience)?


Philippe Latour: My first experience with Dr. Harriton was when I watched during my freshman year… I’m glad I saw this show because it was my first time and seeing incredible things for your first time is awesome. When I was 15, I was like I don’t think I should do the show. I’m not good enough.” Well, here I am as a junior at Harriton High School competing to become the next Dr. Harriton.


Lucas Glozman: My first experience with Dr. Harriton was seeing the contestants dance at a pep rally my freshman year. I was really impressed with the dancing, and I was even more astounded seeing the actual show. I couldn’t believe they were able to learn such long dances.


THB: What do you think is special about this show? Why is it so integral for Harriton’s community?


PL: Something very special about this show is raising money in a fun and entertaining way. People get to watch a show and help raise money for causes…. It shows us how much we can do to make a change…


LG: Dr. Harriton is a really special show because you get to come together as a school and watch this fully student-produced show that has a little bit of everything. It is funny, creative, and… quite impressive. 


THB: How is the Dr. Harriton experience different from anything you have done before?


PL: It’s so different because every day there is always rehearsal. It requires a lot of… hard work inside and outside of school and trying to maintain a schedule. Plus, sometimes I have to ask one of the senior contestants to give me a ride home because I still don’t have my license or a car. But the positive side is we get to dance, fool around, make new friends, and have fun.  


THB: How has COVID had an impact on the show? How do you feel about the changes?


PL: Covid has had a big impact on the show… During the week of winter break, 2 contestants tested positive for COVID-19. We had to cancel all rehearsals during that week. One contestant couldn’t go to practice for the next 3 weeks after the break. The pep rally even got canceled because cases were rising. The good news is I tested negative and was able to go to school. After winter break was over, we weren’t able to rehearse at the dance studio in Bryn Mawr because it had COVID problems as well, so we had to rehearse at another person’s house outside. Oh, and yes, we danced in the freezing cold for about half an hour. But after shivering practices outside, we got to rehearse in the auditorium again.


LG: COVID has had an impact on our practices mainly. We have had to find various different locations, and we have even had to practice in the freezing cold. The restrictions are annoying at times, but I think as a group we have overcome the obstacles COVID has thrown at us. 


THB: What has the experience of preparing for Dr. Harriton been like so far for you? Could you share any funny rehearsal stories or a lesson that you learned over the past months?


PL: Being in Dr. Harriton was the greatest decision I ever made. I love hanging out with friends, dancing, and goofing off. Though it is a lot of hard work, it’s all worth it. I decided to join the show because I wanted to try something new… My 10th-grade year was terrible because I was online. I thought to myself, “Philippe you should do something exciting for a change. Try something you have never done before. Make the best junior year for 2022.” There are two things that I learned for the past 2 months. 1: Always have a driver’s license and a car for practice and 2: always have energy when you are dancing.


LG: Preparing for Dr. Harriton is a wild experience. A lot of hard work and time goes into it, but I’ve still had a lot of fun and made such strong connections with everyone participating. The craziest experience so far for me was definitely almost falling off Josh Smith’s shoulders, but I was thankfully caught by our SAA Lily Bernstein. 


THB: What is one past Dr. Harriton performance that you will always remember?


PL: A past Dr. Harriton performance I can never forget is Maximos playing the trumpet and Andy Wu playing the piano.      


LG: One Dr. Harriton performance I will always remember is Mikkel Andersen running around in a nurse outfit while telling jokes…


Before we get to our last question, I want to call attention to one of these Dr. Harriton contestants, Philippe, who is this year’s only junior contestant. Philippe Latour is unanimously beloved and the nicest guy around. You can always find Philippe strolling through the hallways of Harriton with a big grin on his face, his loud voice booming out in front of him as he calls hello to everyone he passes. He is the definition of charismatic, from the fact that he has too many friends to count, to the fact that I have never once seen his smile dip. He is always cheerful, always positive, and has a can-do, sunny attitude that fills the room, the hallway, and the entire school. Honestly, there is no better person to represent the junior class. I asked Philippe how it feels to be the only junior participating. Here is his response:


PL: Being the only junior in this show is straight-up cool. I don’t feel nervous at all. As a matter of fact, I think I can win this show just with an iron fist. With my great personality and energy, winning Dr. Harriton will be a no-brainer. This is for all the juniors who are counting on me and representing this year for 11th graders.


No matter who wins, Dr. Harriton 2022 is sure to be an amazing show! Mark your calendars for February 25th, and make sure to keep an eye out for Philippe Latour and Lucas Glozman, who will be competing for the 15th annual Dr. Harriton title!