Achoo! Flu-A is Taking Over Harriton



Chances are, if you are a Harriton student, you got sick over Halloween weekend. In the month of November, hundreds of students contracted Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). It is a common, contagious virus that causes infections of the respiratory tract. Common symptoms are painful coughing, runny nose, and fever — guaranteeing you stay home from school. I spoke with Abby Venezia, a victim of this vicious virus,  

“So, Abby, what did your day look like after getting RSV?”

“Oh, it was pretty much hell. I was sleeping for 10 hours every day and couldn’t eat because I felt like I was about to yak.”

“What advice would you give to people currently suffering?”

“Drink water! It helped so much with my headaches, and make sure you have Dayquil on hand.”

Unfortunately, RSV is not the only virus going around the school. The flu, covid, and the common cold are spreading like wildfire. In the first week of November, more than half of the freshman class was absent due to sickness. Grant Williams, out sick due to getting this autumn’s flu, speaks about his experience,

“Tell me, what’s the worst part of contracting the flu this year?”

“I’m so behind on classwork, my head hurts so much, every time I cough it feels like my throat is closing, I keep waking up exactly at 3:02 am drenched in sweat due to fever.”

“So, would you say your symptoms are similar to Abby’s?”

“Yeah, but worse.”

“Any tips to prevent the spread?”

“Just stay home and wear a mask if you need to go outside. This is not fun.”

If you got infected by a virus, take their advice. Drink lots of water, sleep, and make sure to eat whole foods. And, please, manage to catch the infection, stay home and wear a mask. Protect the people around you because you would want them to do the same for you.