Dr. Harriton 2023: Elias Catania and John Timmons

Dr. Harriton 2023: Elias Catania and John Timmons

Dr Harriton–a vital event to the Harriton community–is approaching fast. On February 24th, this annual talent show will support and raise money for local charities. Two of the contestants this year are Elias Catania and John Timmons, and I had the chance to ask them some questions leading up to Dr. Harriton.


THB: How would your friends describe you? 


EC:  I think my friends would describe me as an outgoing, fun and smart person. I am always down to have fun, and I am into photography and cooking. 


JT: My friends would describe me as an outgoing, kind athlete. There is more I could say but I think those are the 3 main ones.


The Harriton Banner: To someone who doesn’t know what Dr. Harriton is, how would you describe it to them? 


Eli Catania: I guess it’s a mix between a talent and pageant show that raises money for charity. If you want a good mix of pop culture, laughs and good times, I would recommend anyone, student or parent, to come out and see Dr. Harriton; you will not regret it.


John Timmons: Dr. Harriton is a talent show where 10 people compete against each other, and it involves dances with the opponents and individual talents. The whole point of the show is to have fun, but also to raise money for charity.


THB: Why did you decide to participate in Dr. Harriton?


EC: I have been watching the show for over six years now, since my brother was in high school, and it is a great way to connect with new people and spend time with close friends. Everyone is coming together to put on a show for the school for charity. 


JT: It is something that I have never done before as I have never done any dancing or theater, so I wanted to try it for fun. 


THB: Why is this show so integral to the Harriton community?


EC: This show serves as one of the biggest events that Harriton hosts every year, where tickets are sold out and thousands of dollars are raised. It also serves as a community building event for everyone in the Harriton community to get excited about. 

JT: This show is great since it supports so many people outside of the Harriton community, as the show raises money for two very important charities, The Bethesda Project and the Lower Merion Scholarship Fund. 


THB: What characteristics should Dr. Harriton have? 


EC: Dr. Harriton should be someone that embodies the spirit of the show. Even though the show is a competition, it’s really about having fun and raising money, and all of the contestants fit into that category, so it would be awesome to see anyone win!


JT: Dr. Harriton should have patience, willingness to try new things, and not be afraid to be outgoing.


THB: And finally, what is your favorite Dr. Harriton moment from the past?


EC: I would have to say my favorite moment would have to be Will Hoffman’s act where he danced to “Single Ladies” in 4 inch heels. I just thought that that was hilarious and ever since then I knew I wanted to be in the show.


JT: My favorite Dr. Harriton moment from the past is when Phillippe Latour danced to Michael Jackson.


Dr. Harriton is a special event to the Harriton community and it is quickly approaching, so make sure to buy your tickets before they sell out!