Dr Harriton 2023: Giuseppe Spensierato

Dr Harriton 2023: Giuseppe Spensierato

Dr. Harriton, our school’s sixteen-year tradition, connects Harriton’s core value of community in a creative and fun way. Ten contestants and their “escorts” perform choreographed dances after practicing for months prior to the show to display their talent. Each contestant pair choses a non-profit to support through the money raised and their sponsor. In this interview, you will meet and hear what Harriton junior Giuseppe Spensierato has to say about this school tradition!

The Harriton Banner: Tell us about yourself. 

Giuseppe Spensierato: I am a 16 year old junior, and I play soccer for school and club. I am from Italy; I was born there, and I go every summer. I am interested in business, finance, and health, and I like to go to the gym. 

The Harriton Banner: What was your first experience with Dr. Harriton? 

Giuseppe Spensierato: My first experience with the show was going to the performance last year and seeing so many people come out to support. I was surprised at how important it was to the school.

The Harriton Banner: How would you describe Dr. Harriton?

Giuseppe Spensierato: Dr. Harriton is a fundraising project that celebrates the fundraising efforts that a bunch of teenagers carry out while dancing together on stage in front of the school. 

The Harriton Banner: What is one past Dr. Harriton performance that you will always remember?

Giuseppe Spensierato: I will always remember Sam Groover’s act from last year because I did not know he was a good singer.

The Harriton Banner: Why did you decide to participate in the event this year?

Giuseppe Spensierato: I decided to participate in this year’s event because I wanted to help fundraise money, and I thought it would be a really fun time.

The Harriton Banner: How have you been able to balance your school and extracurriculars with Dr. Harriton? Have you found that to be a struggle or is this something that you’ve prioritized?

Giuseppe Spensierato: After school, we have Dr. Harriton practices everyday, but after it, I have work and soccer practice twice a week. At the beginning, it was a bit difficult to juggle them all, but I have gotten used to it. 

The Harriton Banner: Describe how you are feeling about the night of the show.

Giuseppe Spensierato: I am extremely excited for the night of the show. I can’t wait to perform and see how many people will show out.

After the tumultuous years of Dr. Harriton during COVID, students have eagerly jumped at the opportunity to be involved in the show in any way possible. Giuseppe, among other contestants, looks forward to the show this February!