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Freshman Survival Guide

Designed by Amy Luo

Starting highschool can be very unnerving to many. From being the oldest in middle school to the youngest in highschool seems like a drastic change that can cause many newcomers apprehension. I know for me, entering highschool in the midst of Covid-19 added extra stress. However, now that the school routine has been set in place for the past few years, there is a lot that freshman could benefit from knowing about all things Harriton. I asked some upperclassmen to share their tips and tricks to tackling highschool like a pro.


The Harriton Banner: What advice do you have for freshmen?


Max Seltzer ’24: You can ask upperclassmen for help to find classes. It helped me familiarize myself with my schedule. 


Lilly Lamm ’24: Try to make connections with your teachers as soon as possible.


Kamryn Grossman ’24: Treat your teachers with respect because they are trying to help you learn.


THB: These responses all attest to the tight-knit community we have between students and staff here at Harriton. There is so much emphasis on success and so many outlets to help you with whatever you will need. From being lost in the hallways to needing writing help to wanting a tutor, there is always someone available that can provide it. The Writing Center and Learning Center located in the library are both fantastic resources to collaborate with teachers and student helpers on homework, essays, studying, and more. The National Honors Society provides free tutoring services to anyone who will need it. Lastly, one of my favorite outlets is seeing a teacher during Learn. The one on one attention facilitates a space to receive help and ask any question you may have. We are so lucky to have such helpful and supportive teachers, so use the 30 minutes each day to your advantage!


THB: What did you find to be a challenge and how did you overcome it freshman year?


Alexa Murland ’24: It was difficult to be involved with the Harriton community because of Covid, and we didn’t have football games or pep rallies. I think the physical restrictions made it harder to connect with each other, but as they were lifted sophomore year, there were more opportunities to connect as a whole. We could all come together and support the Rams.


THB: Covid definitely took a toll on the overall spirit of the school. However, in recent years, the overall morale in the whole school has been significantly lifted. Going to football games or supporting any of the Harriton sports teams is a great way to uplift each other and build enthusiasm among the school community. Participating in spirit days as well is a super unique experience, and it is super fun seeing all your fellow peers and teachers wearing the same thing.


THB: What is something you wish you did more of freshman year?


Sydney Goldstein ’24: I wish I had branched out and met new people. 


THB: We have such an accepting school community which permits people to make friends with other students in different grades. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.


THB: What do you love about Harriton?


Sasha Beck ’24: I can always depend on the breakfast table, which has the best snacks, ranging from coffee to muffins. I also love that I am supporting a Harriton club or sport when buying from the table.


THB: The breakfast table is a great way for students to support the activities they are involved in. I am personally a huge fan and can confidently say that it is definitely a Harriton favorite.


All of these responses prove that highschool is not as scary as it seems. Everyone in the school wants each other to reach success and will help that goal be accomplished in any way they can. Get involved in school spirit, activities, and events and remember to have Ram Pride!


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Hailey Newman
Hailey Newman, Harriton News Editor
Hailey is a senior who is thrilled for her fourth year at The Banner, and third as the Harriton News Editor. Outside of the Banner, she is captain and co-founder of the Harriton Dance Team, a part of the varsity field hockey team, a choreographer for Dr. Harriton, a 2024 Class representative, and more! You may also find her hanging out with friends and family, listening to music, or binging horror movies.

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