Trump Concedes

While a whirlwind took on Washington, D.C. as a mob appeared at the Capitol and preparations were being made for Biden’s inauguration, a momentous occasion occurred. On January 7th, 2021, Trump officially conceded to the public

Trump has officially stated that he lost the 2020 presidential election, which is very hypocritical based on the events that took place the day before on January 6th. It was about time that he finally conceded after two months of being in denial of losing the election.

It has not, however, changed any of his empty promises or his boorish behavior. This will likely be the only time he acknowledges the fact that he conceded, and although it is not confirmed, allegedly he only recorded himself conceding due to the threat of impeachment. This did not serve his purpose, as impeachment happened regardless.

The main reason that Trump decided to go through with the speech was because of the heinous acts from the January 6th insurrection.  Rioters carried Confederate flags, vandalized the building, and were disrespectful through and through.

One person took a selfie invading House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, and they put the safety of every worker in the building at risk. They took over the building and it was an extremely outrageous action. In the end, five people were killed during the siege.

Most of them did not follow social distancing guidelines, wear masks, or do anything covid-responsible. Trump supported this extremely violent riot and therefore many people became angry at him, and the pressure to concede became stronger and stronger.

He sent tweets out sharing his support, which banned him from several different social media platforms and caused extreme unrest between the Democrats and Republicans.

During the video itself, Trump shared no feelings and read the teleprompter with a distinct lack of emotion. Clearly conceding was not his first choice. 

Just over 24 hours earlier, he supported the rioters who stormed the Capitol Building, and in the process, five people died. However, in the video, he mentioned that the insurrection was a disgrace to democracy and that the rioters will face the consequences of their actions.

It was clear that the only reason he filmed the video was due to political pressure, and that he was not in favor of doing the speech. One major factor in his decision to concede was that after the events at the Capitol Building, President-elect Joe Biden said to Trump that he must “fulfill his oath and defend the Constitution and demand an end to this siege.” The speech was intended to calm down the rioters, but it did the opposite and angered them even more.

After Trump conceded, preparations for his resignation immediately commenced. Many of his advisors told Trump that it would be best to resign before he is officially impeached so that he could run for a second term. 

The impeachment is now in the hands of the Senate after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi passed the articles of impeachment through the House. The Senate now has a blue majority, but even so, the Senate has to have at least  ⅔ vote agreeing to have the former president convicted. Some Republicans will have to vote to convict, as well. 

Since Trump’s term has ended, many cabinet members and workers of the White House have also resigned, such as the national security advisor, Robert O’Brien, who was convinced to leave by other senior staff members. The First Lady’s chief of staff, a deputy press secretary, and the White House social secretary, also resigned soon after the insurrection. It is very likely that they would be removed from their positions with the new party in the White House if they hadn’t already resigned. 

With all of the resignations, the White House staff was prepared for Biden to take office and appoint his new cabinet and administration.