Music: The Ultimate Stress Reliever


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Wireless headphones on pink background

Dylan Daniels, Staff Writer


I used to view music as a simple device, mere background noise as I went about my day. However, I’ve discovered that music is much more powerful then I’d previously given it credit for, as it helps shift my mood and relieve stress.Now, as soon as my favorite songs start playing, my mood changes; the stress and anxiety that has been weighing on my shoulders all day dissipates into a state of serenity and peace of mind. The solace that I’ve found in music has been life-changing in helping me manage pressure and increase productivity. I hope that by sharing how I use music to relieve stress, other students can experience this consolation too.


Like many other Harriton students, I return home each night with a heap of work from all of my classes. Because being a high school student can be overwhelming at times, stress relief methods are a common topic of conversation within social circles. Students often suggest binging Netflix, eating, reading, or writing. While each of these techniques may be effective to some extent, music is the superior choice for several reasons. Unlike its sometimes expensive, difficult to reach, and prolonged counterparts, music is completely free and accessible anywhere and anytime.


One time of day that I am particularly stressed and in need of music is in the mornings. As I jolt up at the sound of my alarm each day, my sweet escape from school stress comes to an unpleasant end. The thought of tests, presentations, projects, and new lessons flood back into my brain after being forgotten for the past eight hours. As I try to get ready, I end up focusing on all the possible negative outcomes of the day instead of the task at hand. These dreadful mornings occur far too frequently, and alongside them come bad moods, dooming my days before they’ve even begun. 


As someone who is driven to school, I’m always sure to turn on the radio while I wait in the long drop off line each morning, a brief relief from the stress that the looming school day induces. Even for people on the bus, putting on headphones and allowing yourself to lose focus for a couple minutes can be very beneficial. Even after gaining some sense of relief following your morning jam session, thoughts of after-school homework can revive that sense of stress and pressure. 


The later in the day it gets, the more worried you become about what’s been done and what needs to be done. Ironically, the more time you spend worrying about being productive, the less time you spend actually being productive. When you catch yourself staring off into space or scrolling on Tiktok instead of completing homework, it’s definitely a good idea to clear your head. Try turning on just one song and allow your mind to drift for just a few minutes. Clear all the thoughts you are having and return to your work refreshed. After all, a clear mind performs much better than an anxious one. 


Stress is something that we all face no matter what form it comes in. Next time you feel any one of the plethora of emotions that stressed high-schoolers face on a daily basis— overwhelmed, anxious, or unsteady— turn on some music. You could discover a new song that you’ll really love or even create a new homework playlist. You’ll find that this will bring you into the better headspace necessary for the tumultuous environment that we as high-schoolers face.