Djokovic Has Been SERVED


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Dylan Daniels, Staff Writer


Novak Djokovic, a tennis player holding the international number one title for almost seven years, may be unable to play in the French Open this year – a fate all due to his personal decisions. The French Open is a two-week tennis tournament held in late May, bringing together only the best tennis players. As Djokovic is number one in the world, his situation has shocked the media.


Confusion has arisen and many are wondering why the number one tennis player in the world may not attend the largest tennis tournament in the world. Personally, my confusion and empathy regarding this situation subsided when I heard the root of the issue. The sole reason Djokovic is not allowed to play in the Australian Open, continue all of his brand partnerships, remain the number one globally, and why he is receiving extreme media backlash is because of his vaccine status. Djokovic refuses to get the COVID-19 vaccine.


At this point in time, it is hard for many to understand how anyone in the world who has the vaccine available to them would turn down this opportunity. When the COVID-19 vaccine can help prevent death for oneself and for others, it is confusing why Djokovic would turn it down. Regardless of personal and religious beliefs, the vaccine is here solely to save lives. Additionally, people with power should be the ones promoting such things. It seems like a small “sacrifice” for being so well known and wealthy; great power comes with great responsibility. In this situation, the world’s number one tennis player has a responsibility to promote public health. I believe that Djokovic is virtually asking for this media backlash and that the backlash is heavily justified. 


The media hasn’t entirely identified why he is choosing to not get vaccinated. Djokovic has openly stated that he is not against all vaccines. In a statement he gave to iNews UK, Djokovich clarifies that his issue with the vaccine is that it is becoming socially mandated. 


Surprisingly, Djokovic is not entirely upset with this problem. He told the media he will be taking time to recuperate and evaluate his situation while resting at home, and he is trying to stay calm in the midst of facing many future problems. What no one seems to understand is why Djokovic would put himself through all of this. Why not get vaccinated, not just to help others, but to allow yourself to continue your passion and career? This is one question we may never know the answer to.