Marjorie Taylor Greene & the Rise of Far-Right Extremism


Arielle Biran, Opinions Editor


What has a botched spray tan, has cited Jewish Space Lasers as the cause of California’s wildfires, and has no respect for the Democratic process in this nation? Though I truly wish that the answer was a character from an SNL sketch, this Qanon-supporting, proudly transphobic joke of a politician is none other than Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia’s 14th district.


Since she assumed office in January of 2021, Marjorie Taylor Greene has made headlines time and time again, never failing to decimate my faith in the competence and future of our society. Though her severe ineptitude renders it difficult to condense her stupidity, some of my favorite Marjorie Taylor Greene moments include her claim that the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was leftist propaganda, her equivalence of the federal mask mandate to the mass genocide of the Jewish people during the Holocaust, and her advocacy for the execution of prominent members of the Democratic party. How relieving it is to know that our government is in qualified hands!


Most recently, Representative Greene has attracted media attention because of her heckling of President Biden during his State of the Union address. Alongside her equally as harebrained coworker, Republican Representative Lauren Bobebert, Greene disregarded the intended formality and bipartisan unity of this event by attempting to start a “build the wall” chant, snarkily retorting about the role of transgender women in sports, and mumbling under her breath like an enraged toddler – all while Biden reviewed his pandemic policy.


In what seems to be a new record, Marjorie Taylor Greene managed to humiliate the Republican party twice in one week! Even before her display of immaturity at the State of the Union address, Greene was rebuked by several prominent Republican lawmakers for her deliverance of a speech at a white nationalist event, which House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy called “unacceptable”. Even Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell rebuked her, remarking that “there’s no place in the Republican Party for white supremacists.” When Mitch McConnell says you’re too far right, you are practically falling off of the spectrum.


More than anything, Greene’s fifteen minutes of fame speak to the rise of far-right extremism in this country. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a backbench freshman in the House minority, virtually the least powerful position a Congressional member could hold, yet, she is one of the most infamous lawmakers in the 117th Congress. Much like a certain twice impeached president, Greene receives the extensive media attention she does because of her “strong opinions”, the GOP pseudonym for white supremacist views.


Marjorie Taylor Greene is a woman who has openly equated the genocidal tragedy of the Holocaust to being asked to wear masks in a grocery store. She is still insistent that Antifa was behind the January 6 insurrection and the election was stolen, attending and speaking out at white nationalist events. The fact that she was elected into one of the highest federal offices that this country has to offer is horrifying.


Though the general public may laugh at Greene’s crazy Qanon conspiracy theories, there is really nothing funny about the perpetration of anti-semitism. The “conniving global cabal” that Qanon members accredit for the totality of the world’s problems is just the latest take on the age-old trope of the Zionist Occupied Government. Though one would think that any person with half of a brain would recognize such notions for their outright prejudice and absurdity, there is a large percentage of the population that falls susceptible to such ideas.


With every headline reporting on Marjorie’s fanatics, the more mainstream and normalized her ideology becomes. We cannot entertain this behavior with media attention. Though I, too, want to snort at the pure idiocy of Greene’s beliefs, platforming her in any way, shape, or form is contributing to the concerning rise of far-right extremism in America.