Everything You Need To Know About Social Media

We all have thought about having a social media account. Even for those of us who haven’t taken action in creating one, it will always be in the back of our minds. That is because our generation is so influenced by social media that we begin to believe it is the best decision we can make while we are still adolescents. If you are thinking about creating one, you need to make sure you have all of the facts right.

1.Let’s start with the basics: the different social media platforms. There is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Of course, there are many more, such as good old MySpace, but these are the main platforms.

2. Now we will begin to go more in depth, from a neurological point of view. Sure, it’s “cool” to have your own account, but what is the real reason for this portrayal? In our brains, there is a chemical called dopamine. Using our phones and going online to check out our accounts releases this chemical since these activities are pleasing to humans. The more dopamine is released, the harder it is to turn off our screens.

3. Psychologically, social media is extremely enjoyable, but this might come from the fact that we have a great time talking about ourselves and about our daily lives. Just think about the last thing you posted. For that matter, think about everything you have on your account. It’s all about you. In a nutshell, it is you in digital form. How we present ourselves consumes our time and attention.

4. We live in a society where being different is unwanted. Online, there are millions of people just like you and me. We may never get to meet them face-to-face, but the communication through our devices is enough to get us through the day. If someone says or does something on their account that you’ve thought about doing, it gives you reassurance. It’s almost a chain reaction. The first person to do a crazy dare will ignore the prospect of haters, and soon enough, their action will become the trend of the year.

5. If you’re not the most verbal or expressive person at school, then social media can be a way for you for your peers and friends to get a look into your life. When you have a burning passion inside for people to see the real you, but you can’t just do it in person, then you may be tempted to create an account. This way of communicating to others may seem easier to do than a real interaction, yet the problem with this is posting things you aren’t sure how people will react to.

6. Social media takes commitment. With all the followers you might have, there comes the responsibility of being frequent with getting them up to date with your current ongoings. It’s the same with your favorite celebrities or role models: you waiting for an update of their glamorous and unfathomable lives. Even with far-away friends, this is a way of communication, despite the distance.

7. Now for the useful information. According to entrepreneur.com, the best times to post on Twitter and Facebook are around 5-8 pm, Eastern time. For Instagram, you will get your best bet on Friday at 7 pm. For the night owls, Pinterest’s prime time is at 1 in the morning on a Friday. In summary, most people celebrate the end of a long week at school or work with social media.

8. Warning: while this has no relation to a science of any sort, it does relate to social media. For those, such as myself, who spend hours of their time watching Youtube, you may have stumbled across a very witty and humorous youtuber (fun fact: the work “youtuber” was added to the Oxford Dictionary a couple of months ago): the one and only Tyler Oakley. Known for shamelessly self-promoting himself for his Twitter and Instagram account, Tyler is the king of social media (Twitter: @tyleroakley; Instagram: @tyleroakley. Click here to access his Youtube channel).


By now, I’m sure all of you have whipped out your phones, either to review your personal accounts, delete your latest post, or subscribe to Tyler’s channel. And if not, just remember to be safe, but also to be yourself. What’s the point of having an account if it doesn’t show the real you?