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Ask the Experts: Week 12-13

As we near the conclusion of the NFL regular season, the editors remain in a scenario similar to that of the past few weeks.  Science/Tech Editor Eric Dannenbaum remains a clear favorite, holding a five-game edge over both Sports Editor Brandon Lapensohn and former champion Holden McGinnis.  With around nine weeks remaining, it’s still a fairly open race, considering the lead swings we’ve seen over the past nine.  Incredibly Clucko has returned to equilibrium, hitting the .500 mark once again.  Though he was somehow a threat to the editors last year, he has remained towards the bottom of the standings this season.

Standings at the conclusion of Week 12:
Eric: 63-33 (.656)
Brandon: 58-38 (.604)
Holden: 58-38 (.604)
Dhruv: 55-41 (.573)
Will: 52-44 (.542)
Clucko: 48-48 (.500)

Week 13 picks:
Dallas Cowboys at Cincinnati Bengals
Eric: Bengals
Brandon: Bengals
Holden: Bengals
Dhruv: Bengals
Will: Bengals
Clucko: Cowboys

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings
Eric: Bears
Brandon: Vikings
Holden: Bears
Dhruv: Bears
Will: Vikings
Clucko: Vikings

Baltimore Ravens at Washington Redskins
Eric: Ravens
Brandon: Ravens
Holden: Redskins
Dhruv: Redskins
Will: Ravens
Clucko: Redskins

New Orleans Saints at New York Giants
Eric: Giants
Brandon: Giants
Holden: Giants
Dhruv: Saints
Will: Giants
Clucko: Giants

Houston Texans at New England Patriots
Eric: Texans
Brandon: Patriots
Holden: Patriots
Dhruv: Texans
Will: Texans
Clucko: Texans

Denver Nuggets at New York Knicks
Eric: Knicks
Brandon: Knicks
Holden: Knicks
Dhruv: Knicks
Will: Knicks
Clucko: Nuggets

Atlanta Hawks at Miami Heat
Eric: Heat
Brandon: Heat
Holden: Heat
Dhruv: Heat
Will: Heat
Clucko: Heat

Milwaukee Bucks at Brooklyn Nets
Eric: Nets
Brandon: Nets
Holden: Nets
Dhruv: Nets
Will: Nets
Clucko: Bucks

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About the Contributor
Holden McGInnis, Editor-in-Chief
Holden McGinnis, Editor-in-Chief (Features), is a senior entering his third and final year with the Harriton Banner. After spending last year as the Science and Technology Editor, he is excited to serve as Editor-in-Chief of Features.  When he's not working on the newspaper, he enjoys participating in a variety of school activities including Science Olympiad and Jazz Band.  

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