An Interview with Our Athletic Trainer, Jamie


Graham Branscom, Staff Writer

Jamie, Harriton’s head athletic trainer’s room is always busy after school. Whether she’s wrapping a sprained ankle, diagnosing a stress fracture, or just chatting with athletes about upcoming games, her genuine excitement for her work is evident. We wanted to learn more about our trainer, Jamie.

Harriton Banner: What is your official job title at Harriton?

Jamie: Head Athletic Trainer

HB: What do you enjoy most about being an athletic trainer?

J: I like that I am here and able to help the athletes when they first get hurt on the field. I then have the opportunity to help them through the process of getting better and back to being able to play. I truly enjoy having the opportunity to watch them return to the field and play their game.

HB: What are the most common injuries within Harriton athletes?

J: The most common injuries in Harriton athletes are muscle strains. “Pulling” your muscle is what our athletes call it and is usually due to a lack of warm-up by the individual. This happens in all sports at Harriton.

HB: Are you seeing any current trends within certain sports and the injuries involved with each?

J: Of course concussions are prevalent among contact sports at any level and school.
The second most common trend is hip and knee injury due to having weak gluteus medius muscle. This muscle is not one that gets strengthened with daily activities and needs to be strengthened separately. I did a lecture with the track team in the fall that helped show them how to strengthen this muscle specifically and how to prevent hip and knee injuries due to this muscle being weak.

HB: What do you consider the best way to avoid common injuries within sports?

J: A proper warm-up is ideal for a good injury free workout. Getting your muscles warm prior to working on power and sprints is key, as well as ensuring that you are truly stretching each muscle group for a proper length. Another extremely important step to avoiding common injuries is to include strength training in your weekly workouts.

HB: Why did you choose athletic training as your profession? What led you here?

J: I chose athletic training due to having several injuries myself throughout my athletic career. I unfortunately did not have an athletic trainer for most of my athletic career being that my sport (gymnastics) was a club sport outside of school. Once I met and learned from my high school athletic trainer I realized that I wanted to be that person to help other athletes get better at their sport, help prevent injuries, but once they got them I wanted to be the one to help put them back to doing what they love.

HB: Do you have any future career interests?

J: I truly love working in the high school setting and being a part of a community, specifically with Harriton High School Athletes and community members. As of now, I am hired through the Rothman Institute and outsourced to HHS. A future goal for myself or any athletic trainer would be to be hired directly by/through the school district.

HB: What do you typically do when you are not either in your office tending to athlete’s injuries or on the sports field during games?

J: I am a part of a boxing gym and I really enjoy boxing as a form of working out. I live close to the Schuylkill river trail and I enjoy bike riding and walking around the river and the trail. But like anyone, I also enjoy relaxing on my couch and enjoying a good movie and eating sushi!

Jamie is an extremely important part of Harriton Athletics and we are very lucky to have her keeping our athletes safe, happy, and healthy.