An Interview with Athlete Sophie Grady


Sophie Grady is a Senior Guard on Harriton Lady Rams’ Basketball. Sophie recently broke the record for most points scored in Lady Rams’ history. She is a dynamic athlete, and the Banner got a chance to catch up with her about her recent accomplishments this season.

Harriton Banner: How long have you been playing basketball? What drew you to the sport?

Sophie Grady: I have been playing basketball for as long as I can remember. My older siblings both played so I would always be at their games bringing my own ball and shooting at half time. I also live right across from the Narberth courts so I would also be there shooting around for as long as I can remember with my neighbors.

HB: Is there a player that inspires you or that you try to model your game after?

SG: Not really anyone specific, I love to watch basketball though. I am always watching college level games more often than the NBA and I learn a lot through that.

HB: What is the accomplishment you are most proud of with Lady Rams’ Basketball?

SG: There are a bunch of accomplishments I’m really proud of for our team. For instance, making districts both last year and this year was a huge accomplishment; no one really believed that we could make it that far so it was really exciting. Another accomplishment I am proud of personally is becoming the leading scorer at Harriton for women’s basketball. That was really exciting and I’m thankful that my teammates and coaches helped me reach that goal.

HB: Are you looking to play basketball at the club or varsity level in college?

SG: I will definitely continue playing basketball for the rest of my life and in college either just at a club level or division level. Right now I am unsure where I am going or if I will be playing at a division level yet.

HB: What advice would you give your younger teammates for next season?

SG: A piece of advice I would give to the younger girls for next season would be to believe in yourselves. Even if it doesn’t look like you can beat certain teams or you aren’t doing that well, anything can happen in a game. Blocking out negativity is the biggest thing.