Athlete of the Week: Farzam Mir

As the spring season draws to a close, it is important to reflect on the last few weeks of Harriton sports this year. Long distance runner Farzam Mir has been selected as this week’s athlete of the week, not only for his outstanding performance in the past weeks, but also for his improvements throughout the whole season. Farzam is a dedicated athlete and played JV Soccer and ran indoor and outdoor track this year. Farzam started out as an average runner this year but has grown into something much more than that. We had the opportunity to sit down with Farzam and ask him a few questions.

Harriton Banner: What inspired you to join track this year?

Farzam Mir: Mostly to get in shape for the upcoming soccer season, increasing my stamina and sprinting speed.

HB: How have you improved throughout the year?

FM: From track I’ve had a decent decrease in my mile time, starting out with a 6:08, and cutting it down to a 5:18. I’ve also seen an increase in my overall running capability. I guess those McDonald’s runs do help, thanks Coach Oden.

HB: What’s your biggest achievement been?

FM: Throughout the season, I have to say my greatest achievement is my decrease in mile time. I’m 52 seconds faster now. I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty decent to me. Also, you can’t forget that I’ve been running only for one season.

HB: How have you grown not only as a runner but as a person?

FM: Through running, I’ve honestly matured a good amount. The guys surrounding me on the team all set good exampleS for me to follow. Furthermore, I also have gained the will to work hard.

HB: What are your goals for next season?

FM: Next season, if I continue my training, I will hope to break 4:50 in the mile. My teammates believe I have the chance to be even better if I continue training with cross country, and maybe even surpass 4:40.

HB: How are you going to meet those goals/how are you practicing for them?

FM: It’s not an easy task, but if I keep up the practice I will definitely achieve this goal. No doubt. Through the summer, I’ll be exercising with the cross country and soccer team. We will see which team I choose in the future.

Be sure to congratulate Farzam on his accomplishments and come cheer him on in the fall as he transitions from soccer to cross country!