Athlete of the Week: Teddy Molineaux

Athlete of the Week: Teddy Molineaux

This past Monday, I sat down with football captain, Teddy Molineaux, to discuss his experiences with the team.

Teddy’s first glimpse into football began at a young age. His brother, Nick Molineaux, is also a former Harriton athlete, and he played a large influence in inspiring Teddy to take up the sport.

Beginning in 7th grade, Teddy played for the St. Margaret’s Dragons. After a successful football career in middle school, Teddy continued his pursuit of the sport at Harriton. As he reflected on his three seasons with the Rams, Teddy highlighted key aspects that made his time on the team special.

Up until the football team’s triumphant victory over rival Lower Merion two Fridays ago,  Harriton was in a drought in the Central League since 2014. As the starting halfback, Teddy dominated the Lower Merion defense, rushing for over eighty yards and receiving for over forty yards.

In addition, he led the team in scoring, rushing for two touchdowns (and an impressive punt return that was later called back due to penalties). On the defensive side, as the starting strong safety/outside linebacker, Teddy helped to corral the defense to shut down LM offensively.

Teddy enjoyed the fact of being on the team that broke the six-year streak. Having a significant role in the game added to his feeling of satisfaction.

The hard work and determination the team displayed shined in this game and gave a glimpse into the cohesiveness of Harriton football at its best. Teddy explained how all of the drills, plays, analysis of Lower Merion’s team, and practicing both offense and defense regularly contributed to the win.

As expected, beating LM was a significant accomplishment for Teddy and his team. Teddy believes that it brought the team even closer together than it was before and helped the school realize that Harriton football was on an upward trend.

In two weeks, Harriton will play Penncrest, a team that only beat Lower Merion by six points. Due to Harriton’s dominating 20-0 victory, Teddy is optimistic about Harriton’s chances.

For Teddy, football is something he always looks forward to. Throughout the week, he enjoys knowing that at the end of the day he can play the sport he loves with the people he loves. And even more importantly, Teddy explained how the football team is more than a team; it is a family to him.

The inclusive values of the football team extends past the field; the entire Harriton community comes together on Friday nights to show school spirit and cheer on the Rams.

After the interview, I learned more about Harriton football, and I learned more about one of the people responsible for the success of the team this season. After speaking with Teddy, I understand why his team looks up to him and depends on his leadership. Teddy embodies the qualities of leadership and sets an example for all athletes at Harriton, not just the football.