Coach Of The Week: Jim “Jimmy” Turley


This week, I had the opportunity to speak with the new Harriton Swim Coach Jimmy Turley about his expectations and goals for the team this year. Although Turley is new to Harriton High School, he has a lot of experience with the sport, swimming for a total of 16 years at various levels including in USA teams, Haverford High School, Rose Tree Woods swim club, and at the collegiate level. Coach Turley said that he started coaching Rose Tree Woods swim team when he was 16 and has been a coach ever since. He also coaches a USA team called Triton in Marple Newtown. 

HB: What are the goals for the Swim Team this year?

JT: My main goal for the team this year is to improve the record from the prior year!

HB: How would you like the members of the swim team to improve?

JT: My goals for the swimmers as individuals is to help them reach their goals whether that be going for a best time, or making the championship cut time they are shooting for.

HB: Who are the Captains of the season and what do you think they should do to help make the team successful?

JT: The captains this year for the girls team are Alex Turner and Katie Lynch. The captains for the boys team are Quentin Stoloff and Michael O’Conner. The captains help with keeping the team goal oriented and reinforce the attitude of constantly improving from meet to meet no matter how small or large the improvement is. Bringing a positive attitude to every practice sets an example for the younger swimmers and keeps them on the right track for future success.

HB: What meet or event are you most looking forward to this season?

JT: Since this is my first time being on the other side of a high school team, I am really excited for all of them. Every meet brings a new challenge, and I think that is what keeps this sport so interesting!

HB: What do you think you can do to help the team get better and be competitive as the coach?

JT: One thing I focus on when coaching swimming is to drive home the message of giving 110% effort no matter what problem you face in the water. I think a lot of this sport is mental and focusing on keeping everyone’s mentality healthy and goal driven will bring even the newest swimmers the best success in the pool.

The Harriton Banner wishes Coach Turley and the Rams Swimming team a successful season!