How to Stay Active During Social Distancing


Here are just a few of the many ways you can go out and stay active, while we are away from school and away from our normal activities.

1. Go run/walk with/without family: It’s safe to say at this point that while social distancing from your friends is important in this time of crisis, you can still remain close to, both physically and emotionally, your family. Go for a walk with them on a trail, around the block even, and chat. Compete with each other by seeing who can walk the fastest from one place to another. If you’re looking for something more individualized, you can always go out on a run or a walk by yourself, enjoy nature, maybe jam to a few of your favorite tunes, and take a mental breather.

2. Go for a bike ride: Biking is a great way to stay in shape, and a fun way to keep social distancing from other people on a trail you may be sharing, but still getting the breeze in your face as you ride along down wherever you want. Ride with family, it’s a great way to get some time in with siblings, parents, or grandparents, and you can take a break from all the schoolwork we have been assigned from virtual learning.

3. Look up a workout on YouTube: The gym teachers have provided some of us with a link to a full body workout, taking up half an hour and providing a great way to stay active. You yourself can tailor these workouts to your own specifications, and can still say that you were active, and that you got some good exercise in! Exercise to this caliber can be a great way to take a mental break from work, and challenge yourself to push through the workout in the moment. Doing yoga is a relaxing way to exercise and still get some action in during our time away from school, physically. Look up workouts that seem interesting to you and go for it!

4. Pass a ball back and forth in the driveway or backyard: Do this activity with family. If you have an easy to access basketball hoop or goals for soccer, go for it and play a one on one game with a sibling (or something else if you have more/less than one sibling). Go to a local park (if they are open), and bring the entire family so they can enjoy themselves in their own activities at the park! This can allow you to get outside in the increasingly warmer and more comfortable weather, as well as just provides a mental break from the hard work we are all doing with online school and keeping up to date with the currency of Coronavirus.

5. Play Hide-And-Go-Seek: This is a classic game, and while it seems like it may be a little childish, sometimes there’s nothing like a round of this fantastically classic game, that you do not realize how much you miss it until you play it. What works so well with this game and the current social climate is, you most likely will be practicing social distancing, each person hiding in their own spots. This is a fun way to interact with the family, and keep active.