Are the Sixers Championship Contenders?


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(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The NBA season is slowly approaching and fans (including us) could not be more excited. We have all missed the thrilling feeling of watching our favorite teams play multiple times per week – except for when they lose of course. In this article, we will be discussing the Philadelphia 76ers offseason acquisitions, as they attempt to make a deep playoff push this season. 


First things first, the free agent signings. The Sixers signed forward PJ Tucker, who will add some needed grittiness and passion on the court. Tucker is known for his strong, athletic build which allows him to get into other players’ heads, especially on the defensive end. He is also one of the league’s best corner three point shooters. This will add vital spacing, as Sixers superstar Joel Embiid will need a lot of room to work in the paint. A more recent, and very underrated, signing is Montrezl Harrell. Similar to Tucker, Harrell is known for showing a lot of fight in games. He is a very strong and aggressive player who is ready to leave it all on the court. He will be a very good backup center behind Joel Embiid, as the Sixers add even more depth to the roster. The Sixers also added Memphis shooting guard De’Anthony Melton. Many Sixers fans have been begging the organization to trade for a competent backup point guard, and are pleased that they have done just that. Not only is Melton a good defender, but he also adds good scoring and three-point shooting on the bench. Last but not least, the Sixers signed Danuel House, a former Rocket teammate of James Harden and PJ Tucker, who is mostly known for his three-point shooting. The addition of two former Houston Rockets players is most likely due to the president of operations, Darryl Morey’s, bias. However, these players have chemistry together, so we are excited to see how well they interact on the court.


The Sixers have definitely gotten much better this offseason by adding good bench pieces. Whether they can contend for a championship or not is up to their will to fight for every ball and show a suitable level of effort. Joel Embiid will continue to show that he deserves an MVP award (as long as he stays healthy) and James Harden will continue his elite level playmaking. However, a lot of pressure remains on Harden after last year. Not only did his scoring numbers go down, but he was also very inefficient. As Sixers fans, we have faith that he will bounce back and be the best player he can be for the Sixers. Unfortunately, we still have to wait a few more weeks until the season starts. We are eager to see the Sixers play and hope that they can finally win the NBA finals to make us all so very proud.