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Nicholas Molineaux: “I Just Want to See People Succeed”

Daseul Kim, Spotlight Editor

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Correction: The editors of The Banner failed to note that the author of this article, Daseul Kim, our spotlight editor, is also the campaign manager for Andrew Kofsky, Nicholas Molineaux’s opponent in the presidential race.

Nicholas Molineaux, the co-head to the recent Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Student of the Year campaign, as well as treasurer and secretary of Harriton’s Aeronautics Club, is another candidate running to be Harriton’s next Student Council President. With much to offer through his involvement in a wide variety of Harriton sports, from fall football to winter track, past experience in the Communications Committee within Student Council, and strong emphasis on wanting to see people succeed, it only seemed reasonable to sit down with Molineaux for an interview to hear more about his campaign. We were able to learn more about his campaign platform, reasons for running, and ideas to improve Harriton.

Harriton Banner: How would you describe yourself?
NM: I would describe myself as a hard working leader. I always do my best to help other people succeed and be the best they can be. I find no greater pleasure than seeing others reach their maximum potential under my supervision, even if I get nothing out of it. Simply seeing people reach their goal is satisfying enough.

Harriton Banner: What made you decide to run for president this year?
NM: Very similar to the last question, I want to be president because I want to lead the student body. I think Ben Barnett did a fantastic job of working with the school, and I think I can do the same. I want to see the student body, my peers, be the best people they can be in everything they do. I understand the stress that high school can put on somebody. I want to be able to work with the students in a relationship that will allow me to help them as best I can and make high school the best experience it can be.

Harriton Banner: What makes you a great leader?
NM: As mentioned before, I just want to see people succeed. Because of this, I will do my best to ensure success at any costs necessary. I am able to work very well with people, and understand the big picture. From this, I am able to assess situations very well and differentiate between the needs of a large body of people vs. the wants of said body. I have held many leadership positions before giving me a large amount of experience. This includes: captain of five different sports teams, leading petty officer in the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, chief troop guide in the Boy Scouts of America, co-head of Public Relations for the LLS Student of the Year campaign, and president of Venture Crew 577. I have also attended many leadership-based seminars, including two with the U.S. Marine Corps, and one with the U.S. coast guard.

Harriton Banner: How do you plan to lead the Harriton student body?
NM: I plan to lead the student body by being incredibly open to any idea. High school can be very hard at times, so keeping the students happy is how I plan to lead them. I will make it clear how approachable I am and that no idea is ever a bad idea. Student-body input is the biggest thing in succeeding because they, the students, are the ones I would be working for as president. Understanding their needs and their desires is what would make me a great president.

Harriton Banner: What does your campaign platform consist of?
NM: As of now, I have several ideas that could improve the overall well-being of the student body. These include: an afternoon breakfast table, more access to laptop chargers, incentives to attend sporting events, more “fun” fundraiser (color runs, various sporting events, Wing Bowl), improved Music Fridays, and more exposure to the clubs Harriton has to offer (HTC, Art Club, Zenith).

Harriton Banner: What do you love about Harriton?
NM: What I love about Harriton is the large groups of people to which it can appeal. We really do have clubs and programs for everyone. From various sports teams, to Aeronautics, to Science Olympiad all the way to HTC, there really is a home for everybody.

Harriton Banner: What would you change about Harriton?
NM: I really wouldn’t “change” anything about Harriton. Harriton is clearly doing an exceptional job being one of the top schools in the nation. However, there is always room for improvement. By working with the student body I will create an environment in which everybody feels heard.

Harriton Banner: What would be the easiest way for students that are interested in getting to know you and your campaign more, to reach out?
NM: Just walk up! I try to be a very approachable person, always keeping an open mind. If this doesn’t work for you, feel free to message me on any social media platform! I can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and House Party too!

Harriton Banner: What message do you hope to send to Harriton students through you running for president?
NM: How much success means to me. I have always set the bar very high for myself, and many times been lucky enough to reach that peak. I believe the leadership I can bring, in addition to my desire to succeed should show the student body how important they are to me.

Harriton Banner: Why should the Harriton student body elect you as our next president?
NM: I have held many leadership positions giving me plenty of experience. I am an incredibly hard worker partaking in the many clubs and programs that Harriton has to offer, giving me a taste of everything. But most of all, my unrelenting desire to be the best I can be and seeing the students be the best they can be drives me the most to be the school’s president.

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Nicholas Molineaux: “I Just Want to See People Succeed”