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Ram of the Week: Roshni Parikh

Michael de Botton, Staff Writer

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This week The Banner sat down with Harriton Junior Roshni Parikh. Roshni is an avid Eagles fan and is thrilled to have seen the Super Bowl victory last Sunday.

If she’s not on the tennis court crushing Lower Merion, you can find Roshni participating in one of her many clubs, spending time with her friends, or giving back to her community. Roshni is an impressive member of the junior class, so the Banner sat down with her this week to see what she’s up to.

HB: For those who don’t know, what is DECA?

RP: DECA is a nationwide business organization with the goal of teaching and exploring business topics in addition to helping kids in business later in life.

HB: How has DECA helped you succeed in school?

RP: DECA has helped me find other students with similar interests to my own in addition to other students interested in learning more about business

HB: As Vice President of stock club, do you appreciate money more?

RP: I have always appreciated and realized the value of money, but it has definitely taught me a lot more about the stock market and many of the risk/reward factors involved.

HB: What is your role in Mr. Harriton?

RP: I am one of the finance co-chairs so right now my role is helping Olivia Ebner with raising money, in addition to helping other council members with selling ads and getting sponsors to raise money for the show.

HB: What do you think of the show?

RP: I think it’s great. All the guys and everyone involved are doing a great job and the fact that all of the money goes to charity makes it truly amazing, in my opinion.

HB: How did you study for midterms?

RP: I Looked over my notes and spent a lot of time practicing.

HB: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

RP: I would describe myself as: driven, helpful, and happy. Whenever I have a goal, I do whatever to achieve it. I also really enjoy going out of my way to help anyone that needs it. Finally, I make sure to live life to the fullest.

HB: How have you grown since freshman year?

RP: I think I have become more mature and positive. In addition, I have realized how important all my friends are and how lucky I am to have such great friends and family in my life.

HB: What is your favorite class?

RP: My favorite class would probably be Calculus. I’m kind of a math nerd and I also love the teacher.

Thanks for reading about Roshni, The Harriton Banner’s Ram of the Week. Check back next week to read all about another fantastic Harriton student!

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Ram of the Week: Roshni Parikh