Gen-Z’s Guide to News

Be in the Know


During such an unprecedented time in our history, it is more important than ever to stay up to date on the current events around us and the drastic changes that are happening before our eyes. Technology has completely changed the way that consumers obtain information.

What used to be a Sunday paper with a few headlines has changed into hundreds of news sites, magazines, nightly news segments, and more, all competing for your attention—the little moment in your day where you open your eyes to the world around you.

This is a critical time to learn about voting, politics, climate change, and all of the hot topics that our generation is going to be living through. 

Nothing is worse than being on a Zoom with your teacher or in an interview with a potential boss and current events come up. Sitting there, helpless as to what is going on around you, is crushing, and at that moment, you realize how truly painful ignorance is.

Understanding who is running for president, what the phrase ‘fracking’ means, or who Ruth Bader Ginsberg was, defines who you are as a person and contributor in our society. Reading the news is one thing but consuming and acting upon the information is another. The main goal is to ultimately guide and prepare you to have your own opinions and become a greater force for change.

As studies have shown, the attention span of a teenager is limited, ranging as low as ten minutes. Throughout this guide, notice the many sites to which you can spend those ten precious minutes. 

The New York Times (NYT)

Great for: global news and current events

Bonus feature: photo essays and analytical infographics

The New York Times has a grasp on the American public, whether through the sleek design, catchy headlines, or the comprehensive graphs and visuals. Engage in their coverings of presidential debates and infographics of the coronavirus pandemic.

Their daily briefings are unmatched and leave you feeling informed and enlightened. Scrolling through their online platform or flipping through the Sunday paper gives you a glimpse of what people on the opposite side of the world are grappling with on a daily basis.

Putting yourself in another person’s shoes and seeing a different perspective is simple and effortless when it comes to the NYT

National Public Radio (NPR)

Great for: interesting audio profiles and case studies

Bonus feature: podcast and audio features

In our current on-the-go culture, listening to news has become the norm. With NPR, it is now easier than ever. Featuring topics ranging from health and technology to race and culture, their feature stories are personal and riveting. Riding the bus, in the car, or drained from looking at a screen all day, hit play and soak in the latest from Terry Gross on Fresh Air

BuzzFeed News

Great for: authentic cover stories and recent events

Bonus feature: fresh and interactive approach to entertainment reporting

Having over 50 million monthly readers, BuzzFeed News is doing something right. With the slogan “Reporting to You”, their main mission is to cover topics that are important to the general public and that have the power to change lives. Whether covering a media scandal or exposing the true statistics, BuzzFeed News is speaking the language of millennials and Gen Z.

The Harriton Banner (THB)

Great for: diverse student perspectives and relevant topics

Bonus feature: student writing and photography

News written by teens, for teens. The Harriton Banner has an edge that most news publications thrive for: connection. THB covers Harriton news and global events and features the latest in arts and entertainment, sports, and business. The dedicated and passionate writers of the paper strive to feed their readers relevant and timely information that will make them better students, friends, consumers, and citizens. Click the logo in the top left of your screen and find a topic that interests you.