Are Electric Cars the Future?


What seemed impossible only 10 years ago is now becoming a reality. Electric car industries were predicted to grow fast, but recently they have been growing more rapidly than ever imagined. Even during these unpredictable times, as industries all over the world are struggling, and devastating effects are felt throughout the economy, electric cars are defying all odds. The age of electric cars may come sooner than we think. 

With technology continuing to develop and advance, the tipping point is predicted to be in 2024, with some suggesting an even earlier date. A few reasons can account for this; one being the price. 

The price that people pay is a key determinant for sales. Electric cars are nearing a point where the cost is the same as the common gasoline model, but with numerous added benefits and more convenience. The use of electricity is cheaper than gasoline as well, while also being more efficient and better for the environment.

With the cost no longer being a deal-breaker for some, many are reconsidering the purchase of an electric car. This is all thanks to the cost of batteries, which has dropped 80% since 2008 according to the United States Department of Energy. 

Electric cars are one of the most impactful ways to improve climate change. The environmental benefits are countless, especially now with climate change being such a prominent threat to our world.

However, electric cars are not as popular in the United States. The European Union is where electric cars are thriving, mostly because of stricter regulations and government subsidies, which allows electric cars to come close to price parity. In the United States, not much is being done in order to push these cars to success. 

One step of action has been taken in California recently. A mandate was put forward stating that all vehicles sold in the state by 2035 must produce zero emissions. With climate change being a dire crisis in today’s world, this mandate was released in order to address it.

California, in particular, has witnessed increasingly more damaging disasters as a result of climate change, depicted through the horrendous wildfires occurring throughout the duration of this past year. The type of cars being used definitely should not add to this issue.

Decisions about the near future are already being made regarding electric cars, and as outrageous and impractical as they may seem, technology is advancing swiftly, with electric cars following suit. As soon as 2035, zero-emission vehicles may become the only available car for purchase in California; right around the corner, in 2024, the tipping point is predicted to occur.

Climate change is tearing apart our world, and it is critical to change our ways. Cars, being such a heavy contributor to climate change, are evolving and changing in order to help the situation. So many new improvements are being made to the world in hopes of diminishing climate change, and electric cars are just the start.