Should You Upgrade to the New iPhone? A Rundown of Apple’s Newest Release


We have finally arrived at the new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Max. After seeing the price tag of one of these expensive models, you might find yourself wondering if an upgrade is really worth it. Read below to find out which model you should get and whether an upgrade is worth it based on the generation of iPhone you have.

What are the differences between the iPhone 12 regular model, Mini, Pro, and Max?

There are four different models, the most basic being the iPhone 12 with two cameras and a 6.1 inch display which is similar to the popular iPhone 11 (the main change coming in the form of a new boxy display and solid square sides). 

For people who are attached to the smaller phones, the best option is the 5.7 inch iPhone 12 Mini—which is smaller than the iPhone 8, has a dual wide lens, and has portrait mode. A plus is that the Mini is 100 dollars cheaper than the regular 12. Then there is the Pro and Pro Max, both have three cameras. The Pro is the same size as the 12 (minus a lens) and will cost $999, while the 6.7-inch Max with a longer lasting battery is priced at $1099.

Including and above iPhone 10 and  Second Generation of iPhone SE

An upgrade from iPhone 10 or SE Second Generation and above will likely make no significant difference in speed or any other features. However, if the battery on your current phone is slow, an upgrade may be beneficial.

Anyone can check the health percentage of an iPhone battery by going to the Battery section and clicking on the page Battery Health, under maximum capacity should have your percentage health.

You can also visit the Apple store and get the battery replaced in lieu of buying a new phone. From 50 to 70 dollars you could have a new fast battery but you would lose your phone for a few days during the installation. All in all, whether or not you should upgrade depends on what the shape of your phone is.

Below iPhone 10

An upgrade is something you should look into. The iPhone 12 will last for more years than your current iPhone if bought now, as iOS updates slow down older phones and these old phones will eventually stop getting updates. In addition, older iPhone models, even at full capacity, have a much shorter battery life than this current generation.

An upgrade would also give you a better camera system, including Apple’s relatively new night vision feature that allows for high quality low light photos. Also with the recent iPhone 11, the camera can use the wide lens to take photos. If you like photography, now would be an amazing time to upgrade!