Introducing Enola Holmes


Sherlock Holmes is a character known worldwide for his extraordinary sleuthing skills that can solve any mystery. A book series first, filmmakers have adapted these stories into many different movies because of their popularity— yet audiences do not know much about the detective’s little sister.

Only one author, Nancy Springer, has written a book series about Enola Holmes, so Netflix’s new movie, Enola Holmes, will offer more insight into the daring young heroine as well as a riveting storyline.

Set in 1800s England, Enola Holmes is a teenage girl who is intelligent and intuitive. She is also independent and stubborn, much to the chagrin of her older brother Mycroft. She idolizes her mother, Eudoria, who disappears on the morning of Enola’s sixteenth birthday.

Against the wishes of her brothers, Enola sets off to find her mother using clues left behind. Along the journey, Enola befriends Tewkesbury, a young viscount on the run from his family. While this movie entertains viewers with its perilous storyline, it also relays important themes about individuality, sacrifices, and feminism.

The Enola Holmes film has been well received by many, scoring 90% on Rotten Tomatoes and debuted at number two on Netflix’s most-watched list a few days after its release. Millie Bobby Brown, an English actress who is well known for the hit show Stranger Things, wins praise for bringing Enola Holmes to life in such a charismatic manner.

The New York Times stated, “Millie Bobby Brown stars as a teenager with sleuth skills that rival her famous brother’s in this charming feature.”

Other famous actors and actresses like Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, and Sam Claflin star in the movie. They are all acknowledged for their sensational performances, especially Henry Cavill, who shows a new side to the famed Sherlock Holmes.

Louis Partridge, the seventeen-year-old English actor who plays Viscount Tewkesbury, has his acting breakthrough in this film.

If you have not yet seen Enola Holmes, it is the perfect movie to watch over the weekend with friends or family. Let yourself delve into an intriguing mystery and watch as Enola Holmes uses her wits and exceptional sleuthing skills to uncover the truth.